Totally Digging these Mantras

I was reading this article and was totally feeling these mantras.  So much so that I wanted to share.  I love many of the blogs on this website, if you want to have some good “pick-me-up” conversations with yourself… take a few moments and read some of these blog posts!

This message was perfect for me today because I was totally down this morning after seeing some great movement on the scale recently, finally getting rid of some pesky lb’s I had gained since the wedding.. and this morning due to a week of lack of sleep and maybe a few late night snacks… the scale rewarded me for not paying attention to my body/mind.  I was beating myself up about my choices and then read this and thought… well, I can’t change anything that I already did this week.. but I can certainly be kinder to myself today and shoot for better decisions tomorrow.

Maybe these mantras will resonate with someone else as well, so I wanted to share :)


I lift myself up
I give myself respect
I am in charge
And joy is the effect

I strengthen my mind
My body will follow
I raise myself up
I do it right now

The 1 year nesting itch

with our one year anniversary less than a week away, I’ve been in major nesting mode. We’ve taken on a few projects to update the house. We have started with the outside/backyard patio. 


After the patio, the deck around the pool, then inside the house… Then the world!!! :)


Time flies!

I cannot believe it has been since January since I have written anything on here.  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind.

I’ve been traveling every other week out to Cleveland for work, which consists of long work days, mornings in a gym (and making up stories about the people in the gym with me), many hours in airports and the wondrous side effect of missing my home (family, friends, dogs, etc).  After a week of rental cars, planes, and taxi’s… I’m always very content to get into my own car at the airport and drive myself home. I am enjoying my new career immensely.  I enjoy the challenges it presents me, the courage I have found, and the people I have met.  I feel like a better/stronger/more resilient person for taking the leap and starting this consulting business.

We’ve been married for 11 months now.  It’s been really, really great.  There is something very calming and peaceful about promising forever with someone.  It’s very heart-filling to plan adventures, projects and travels with someone else.  My husband is very constant, dependable, supportive and funny.  He is my person.  I asked him the other day if I was doing a good job at being a wife and if there was anything I could do better.  I ask that question of my peers and coworkers and realized that I also very much care if I’m doing a good job at being a wife… as I’m that for many more hours of the day than I am an a peer/coworker.  He pretended to think long and hard about it… and then gave some really good feedback about my tendency to “get on a roll” and pile on complaints when I’m only upset about one thing… which was really fair feedback.  I made sure to not get upset or defensive because that would have kept him from being honest in the future with feedback (and because he was right).  It felt good, productive and grown-up to discuss it.

Now, with Summer finally here… we are balancing home projects, special “date” nights, family time with Vincent, both of our hectic work schedules and visions of vacations in our heads.  I am in such a good place in life right now and really enjoying it.  I find myself being very thankful lately.  It is funny how age gives you perspective.  It’s hard to be upset about aging when every year brings more wisdom, growing friendships, and opportunities.  I find myself to be more compassionate, more willing to stop and smell the roses, and at the same time less willing to deal with BS because life is too short to spend your time with thoughts, people, or events that don’t improve the quality of your time on this earth.  This life is a good one.

Post Holiday Wish List

New cordless keyboard.  – Now that I’ve been working from home more, I’ve really started to value a nice keyboard.  One that is quiet.  The keyboard I have now makes me feel like a monkey that is just slapping away at the keys.  Even when I try to be quiet.  My husband and stepson picked me up a new cordless mouse for Christmas.  It puts my old keyboard to shame!

North Face Agave Shirt.  – I saw this shirt/sweater a couple months ago, and it has not left my radar. That is the sign of something that should eventually find its way into my closet.  I’m promising it to myself in January when I get paid.

Hoping Zumba puts out some new DVD’s soon.  They have some new stepper DVD’s, but I’d be a happy camper with a whole new Zumba suite of DVD’s.  Maybe Zumbalicious 2015 or something!  Fingers crossed.

Pinterest.  All of it.  It is basically the devil and gives me more outfits to drool over, visions of kitchens and bathrooms dancing in my head, and the misguided notion that I can cook some of those things on there!

I haven’t decided if I’ll actually have any resolutions in 2015.  I find that I am constantly evaluating where I am in this journey and making adjustments on the fly.  Resolutions are made with the assumption that life won’t throw you a couple curve balls over the next 12 months that won’t make your original resolutions seem more like bad prequels to the real life events unfolding.

However, I’m not against making an effort to try and figure out what is important to me right now.  As a married woman (6 months and 2 days in) for the first time in my life my long term plans aren’t exclusive to me.  They include a man, a boy, 2 huskies, and a small village of fish.

Our future is bright (yup, sometimes we even have to wear shades)!

Life is not sucky.

Holidaze 2014

What’s more interesting than getting married, going to a foreign country for a honeymoon, quitting your regular job, starting your own business and beginning consulting and trying to maintain my sanity?  Well, not a whole heck of a lot.

I’m 8 weeks into my new career being a software consultant.  It’s been very challenging, rewarding, exhausting and exciting.  I enjoy traveling (which I’ve been doing more often than not).  I’ve been traveling to Cleveland… not necessarily the center of excitement but not bad either.

Married life has been a lot of fun!  Pretty much like non-married life, except I can call and make decisions for my husband, just because he is my wife.  I’m sure I can put this to good use, I’m just not sure how yet.  Plus I have an extra shiny ring, who complains about that?  No one.  My husband also happened to make me fajitas tonight, which is one of my favorites.  He knows just how to butter a girl up.

I finally got around the time/energy to set up the Christmas tree.  For a moment I contemplating not even putting up a tree, then decided to get with the Christmas spirit and bought some new xmas tree décor and went to town with twinkly merriment.

I have found that traveling, holidays and married life is pretty much the perfect storm for your waist line.  So it’s been a challenge to get on/keep on track throughout all these new adventures.  Hopefully I will find more time to blog again once I get more settled into this new “lifestyle”.  It isn’t just a career change, but a whole different way of living life.  We are totally up to the challenge :)


Let’s see, this year I’ve gotten married, traveled to Italy, and now I’m changing careers.  It’s been a crazy year!  My thirties have definitely taken me places I didn’t know I’d go (or that I’d be able to go).  I definitely can see why people love the decades after their 20’s exponentially more than the years leading up to these defining decades.  I’ve come to a place in my life where I’m surrounded by successful, beautiful souls who I admire and who believe in me in return.  These friendships have definitely become some of my most favorite “things” in my life.  Between my amazingly supportive husband, family and friends I truly feel like this is the perfect time in my life to take leaps instead of steps.  My new career involves me being self employed and consulting on a particular IT software.  It’s very empowering to have the courage to accept an opportunity that means a whole lot more changes to come!

During the deciding process and since then, I’ve been so warmed by the support and encouragement I have received from everyone.  We (Jason and I) knew that it would be an interesting adventure, particularly as newlyweds. I made sure to include Jason in all the decisions so that this was our choice, our new adventure, together. I didn’t want to end up consulting across the country and find out that we both weren’t committed to the idea.  My friends also have surprised me with their belief in me.  Every kind word, every supporting phrase or hug of encouragement has meant the world to me. If these people, who I hold in the highest regard think that I can do a great job… how awesome (and terrifying) is that!

This weekend I’m taking the time to relax at home and spend some time with the family and prepare for my first travel week. It’s the weekend of logistics, finding a bag that will fit my laptop, snacks and anything else I might need on the flight. I’m hoping to travel with just carryon luggage, which presents an interesting set of challenges.  I’m hoping to fit workout clothes, work clothes and any work stuff I need in my bags.  So, now that work is over and the decisions have been made and the forms have been signed… I am left with the logistics of the travel.

Here’s to new adventures, strong relationships and racking up airline miles :)