3 Day Refresh – Review

A few things you should know before reading any further:

  1. I am a beachbody coach.
  2. I only completed 90% of the first day of this program before stopping.
  3. I love beachbody, their vision, and their programs (including the workouts and shakes).
  4. The 3 Day Refresh… was not for me.

I know so many people have had wonderous luck with this program.  People have lost between 3-10 pounds in just 3 days, their cravings were gone, their tummies less bloated, and overall looked and sounded pretty happy afterwards.  So, please do not let my opinion sway your overall decision, but I do want to give an honest review of how I felt it went.

Day 1 (and as it would turn out the only day):

  • Wake up and drink a cup of water – nbd, I like water.
  • Drink a vegan chocolate shake – I don’t like the vegan shakes, so this kinda bummed me out since I usually have café latte or regular chocolate shakes and I prefer their flavor and texture over the vegan chocolate.  I added some strawberries to the shake (per the plan) and threw a few in my mouth as well (since you get 12 of them).
  • Water, water, water (pee, pee, pee)
  • Have a glass of tea – nbd, I like tea as well
  • Water, water, water (pee, pee, pee)
  • Fiber sweep – there were a lot of bad reviews about this online, but I didn’t mind it.  I mixed it with 10 ounces of water and downed it faster than a college kid at a frat party.  Kinda lemony, but it didn’t bother me.
  • Water, water, water (pee, pee, pee)
  • Lunch – Vanilla Fresh Shake (kind of tastes like cereal milk, without the cereal).  With fruit, veggie and hummus.  I think my husband put it best when he said, “I found myself licking the container to try and get every ounce of hummus out of that thing.”  Because the shake was drank with it, I was relatively satisfied after lunch.  Full would be a strong word, content would be stretching it… but definitely not still hungry.
  • Water, water, water (pee, pee, pee)
  • Snack – veggie and hummus again.  Again – violation of tiny hummus bowl (2 Tbsp) commenced.
  • Water, water, water (pee, pee, pee) hungry, hungry, hungry
  • Have another glass of tea – nbd, I like tea as well — however, super hungry and the tea wasn’t really cutting it.
  • Dinner – Vanilla Fresh Shake again, and an option from the dinner list.  We did the stir fry veggies.  My husband sat across from me and next to his son.  He picked at his veggies while drooling over his son’s canned raviolis… bless his heart… my husband was holding out for me.
  • Water, water, water – still holding fork – staring down husband – reconsidering life choices – remembering why I never tried out for survivor, naked and afraid, or any other show where food wasn’t guaranteed.
  • Dinner 2.0 – Added a chicken breast and packaged up the rest of the refresh contents to return via the mail.
  • Day 2 – resumed normal eating, but my stomach was SO upset and bloated. Not sure if it was something to do with the shakes being different?  But my stomach didn’t feel right until what would have been Day 3.

Basically – it just wasn’t for me.  I spent the entire day worrying about what I was going to eat, when I was going to eat it, how I was going to gum 12 strawberries to feel more like 27 strawberries. I didn’t have much weight to lose, my husband was only doing it for moral support… our hearts just weren’t in it… and our stomach’s and resolve were empty.

Again – I do believe that this is a good jump start for people looking to jump start their body and minds onto a new path.  With the right mindset, and the okay-ness with a lack of solid food… this could totally be the program for you!

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about it, just know I chose not to finish it… so I can only speak to what I did complete.

Peace out!


February Follies

Month two of 2016.  Today went pretty well as far as Mondays go!  Had a good work day, got laundry and dishes done early in the morning, got my workout(s) in, ate healthy all day, booked more stuff for my birthday trip to Napa Valley and also booked stuff for an awesome trip in March to celebrate awesome ladies supporting each other, networking, healing, learning, growing <– need I go on?  And… it’s in Orlando.  PS, that’s a helluva lot warmer than Wisconsin in March.

I have had so much on my mind lately.  The days are flying by and the nights are filled with weird stress dreams.  I have discovered a few things about myself lately…

  1. I do not like booking my own travel arrangements for vacations.  There are SO many options, prices, experiences, adventures… man oh man.  I’d much rather go on a structured/planned trip that someone else planned.  I have spent more hours thinking about and pondering what to do on my birthday trip to Napa, than I will actually spend in Napa!!  How crazy is that??  Lesson learned – just find a travel agent or friend that really digs that shit and just give them money or wine to do it for me.
  2. I am on a constant journey to better myself.  I am always open to ways to change, evolve, reflect, grow, enhance both myself and my life.  I hope this never changes, I enjoy flexing the muscles of my life to see where I can go and what I can do.
  3. I have a gum problem.  I chew like 8,371 pieces in a day when I’m stressed.  Is there support groups for this?
  4. I am so much more accepting of my body than I was even 6 months ago.  Focusing on eating clean and working out has given me such a different perspective and appreciation for my body and the things that it can do.  I take time every day to love all the bits!

Life has its ups and downs, and lately for me life has had many more ups than downs.  I’ve been really trying to find ways to fully appreciate and acknowledge this phenomenon since I know that might not always be the case :)  Appreciating the small things and each other.

Also – trying to be the biggest, best, badassiest version of myself that this universe will allow!  Which, is a pretty damn cool thing to think about every day.


Staying on track!

This was a travel week for work for me. I was determined to stay on track for my workouts. So, I packed enough food and shakes to eat almost every meal in my hotel room.


This definitely set me up for success this week and kept me from being tempted. Id rather save my cheat meals with my husband, good wine, and good food… Than because I didn’t plan well and made bad choices while traveling.

I also worked out in the hotel fitness center in order to stay on track with the workouts and use the weights. I was a little nervous, but it all worked out well!


I also found a great book at the airport on my way out of town… Read it!  I felt totally inspired and fired up!  Self-help with swear words  my kind of read.


I also was training people all week, and that went really well. It’s  awesome when people are engaged and listening to what you have to say… Especially when you’re only reason for doing it is to make sure THEY succeed!!

Im so glad to be heading home tomorrow to the dogs, husband and my own bed!!

Invisalign – Before and After

Since I’ve shared some other before and after photos recently, I would like to share my invisalign before and after photos:

I had 47 aligners.  So, that’s 94 weeks of invisalign plus 1 year of wearing my retainer every day and night, and now I wear my retainer every night (and will continue to forever).

I had braces as a middle schooler, and didn’t wear my retainer.  As my teeth shifted as an adult, I become more and more insecure about them.  I hated seeing my teeth in pictures, it was ALL I saw in every picture I took.  If you are on the fence about getting invisalign… I say do it.  You will invest so much money in other stuff in your life… why not this?  Why not invest in your smile?

I’ve never lost one minute of sleep over the cost of my invisalign.  I have gained tons of confidence and now LOVE my pictures and my smile.

New Breakfast Find, Yoga, and Progress!

I usually start my day with a Shakeology shake, but I love breakfast food!  So, I often have breakfast for lunch, or a snack even if I need to get some extra protein in and am craving some eggs.

I saw this idea and just had to try it:


Banana pancakes: 1/2 banana, 1 egg, cinnamon to taste. Cook like regular pancakes. Makes 1 serving.

It was pretty tasty. I could taste the banana, but it definitely has an essence of pancake. I could have added fruit as a topping… But already have my fruit containers for the day (I’m following the 21 day fix program).

This helped fuel my active recovery workout for the day, yoga fix.


I really enjoyed this workout today, I’m not very versed in the yoga poses, so I won’t even try telling you the names of the poses above :)

I’ve been following the 21 Day Fix program “officially” for 7 days now.  I’ve lost about 4.5 pounds and can tell that I’ve toned up a big around my mid section.  I have loved the new exercises (I was doing T25 for the last 9 weeks).  Here are my week 1 progress photos.  Top row is today, bottom row (in shorts) is day 1.

Week 1 complete of 21 Day Fix

Week 1 complete of 21 Day Fix

I’m enjoying the rest of this glorious lazy day by couching it with my husband, watching the Green Bay Packer playoff game (hopefully it goes well) and will be cooking up some food for the week in just a little bit.

Have a great week!

Game changer alert: Greek Yogurt

short version: add cinnamon.



21 day fix: 1 purple, 1/2 red, cinnamon is free.

Ive been trying to like Greek yogurt since I started the 21 day fix nutrition plan… And wasn’t successful. I don’t like the smell of it. Bleh.

HOWEVER… A fellow coach mentioned adding cinnamon to the yogurt. I thought it was worth a shot. I tell you what my Greek-yogurt-avoiding friends… It totally changed how it smelled for me. Smelled more like a cinnamon roll or something. Now… I look forward to my Greek yogurt snack!!

Who knew?!

Try it and let me know what you think!!

For more tips… Find me at http://www.facebook.com/ingridkareenfitness

Whine about Wine

Friends… let me tell you something.  Everyone has their unique struggle when it comes to maintaining a nutrition program (short or long term).  I eat pretty healthy most of the time, I like healthy food, I can even go without chocolate for short periods of time.  I have peanut butter almost every day along with English muffins, fruit, a chocolate shake, etc.  So, what could I possibly have to whine about?


I like it.  I like drinking it.  Which, isn’t a problem… everything in moderation, right?  However, I don’t know about you… but once I have one glass of wine, the wine gremlins come out… and they don’t like only having one glass.  They certainly think that cheese curds are a vegetable… and that dropping like it’s hot at 34 is not only necessary, but also counts as my evening leg workout.

I think it’s a constant struggle trying to balance “living the good life” and “living the life that meets my goals… that I set to live a good life”.  I want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  I also want to drink the wine.  So, where is that line… and how come the line moves once I’ve had one glass of wine?  I have had many people tell me that life’s too short, so drink that wine!  Yeah, well… if I drink the wine every time I want to drink the wine… my waist on my pants will be too short as well.  Life… pants…

Sigh… first world problems, I know.

Anyways – all that to say that I am currently doing a (reluctantly) good job at not drinking the wine… and am trying to figure out what MY balance is.  Similar to how I tweak my workouts as I get stronger, lift more weights, jump higher, sweat more… I also am finding out what MY nutrition plan looks like.  What MY body will tolerate.  My goal is to eat and workout to meet my goals, both short and longterm goals.  My goal is NOT to diet and deprive myself unnecessarily… only to then eat ALL THE THINGS once I am done with the diet.

Alright… I’m done with my whining now!

What’s your struggle with nutrition plans?