New Adventure: Lia Sophia Advisor

So, I’ve hosted enough parties at my house and heard enough times… that I have finally agreed to become a Lia Sophia advisor.  I need a second job, and this one will allow me to hang out with fun ladies (and perhaps a brave gentleman or two).  I’m looking forward to this new challenge, however and also scared.  So I think it’s the right combination of feelings.

I think I could do very well, or very bad.  Isn’t that how it goes with everything though.  I’ve already been thinking of how I will organize parties and how I will find people to have parties.  I know a lot of people, but those people also know a lot of Lia Sophia reps.  So, how will I be able to do anything different than them?  I’ll have to consider all this so whether success or failure follows this decisions, at least I’ve tried my hardest.


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