Take this Cold and Shove It.

I’ve been battling a pretty serious cold most of the week.  Normally, it would be just annoying but I’m flying out next week to be out east for the transplant procedure and I need to not be sick.

I can’t really hear out of my ears very well.
I’m achy all over.
I have a headache, from snot buildup in my brain.
I’m tired even though I haven’t done anything worthy of being this tired.
I come home from work, turn on a movie and lay on the couch.
I open my computer and think of something clever to write, and even that makes me tired.
I take cold medicine and I hallucinate.
I take ibprofin and it barely touches my symptoms.
I do nothing and my eye goes fuzzy and twitches (that’s new).

This is the glamorous life I’ve lead all week.  I would love to wake up and be all better tomorrow.  Have a great Friday and start the weekend feeling awesome.


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