Mom is Ready…

Pre-Transplant Dance

“In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle
The Patty dances tonight
In the Village, the Peaceful Village
Patty’s Cells will be White
Woo ooo ooooo ooo
Um um away”

Mom flies back out to Maryland tomorrow.  The transplant is still on schedule to take place on Friday!  I’ll be joining her out there Thursday evening.  I’m excited to see all my family and lend whatever emotional support I can.  I can also support with chocolate, beer and random humor-filled self ‘defecating’ stories.

Alexandra will be driving up from North Carolina.  I’ll be excited to have some sister bonding time inserted into our trip out East.  Hopefully I won’t bring the Wisconsin weather with me since yesterday the wind chill had temperatures at almost 20 below zero!  That is too cold!

I’ll be bringing out my laptop so I can keep everyone updated as things develop and progress.

My Aunt Debbie has been everyone else’s rock and support system through all this.  I fully intend on doing anything I can to be her support for a couple days.  I can’t do much, but I’ll do whatever I can with 150% effort!

To my Maryland family, I will see you soon!
To my Aunt Deb, LYB :)


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