Call for service…

Once again… contemplating things.

Things, in general.  For example.  Hearts.

How is it that you are supposed to wait for your heart to tell you something?  It’s just a stupid organ that doesn’t know anything about what you need or want.  AND, even if it could decide things… or know things… what if it was broken.  Then, it wasn’t capable of telling you things anymore.  Would you know that?  Would you know that your heart-telling-you-things functionality is broken.

Who do you call for that?  Is there a service?  Some kind of 1-800 number to call and report the non-functioning heart?  Do you need to submit samples and examples of times it has failed you or led you wrong? Times it should have known… but didn’t “tell” you.

How do you know the difference between a non-functioning heart, and the fact that you are probably going to be an old cat lady and your heart will never come into play unless it’s the little ping you get from your kitty playing with it’s sparkly balls. (sparkly… balls… yup).

Heart. Fail.


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