Airport thoughts: Men

One of the things I have always liked about men is their vulnerability. It isn’t a trait that is often dominant or one that boasted about. It is there inner fears and insecurities. Its that little piece of them that is there cryptonite.

While women wear their insecurities like a cape flying in the wind. Men go comando. They try to not wear them at all. Women are supposed to be insecure and vulnerable. The beauty and fashion industry bank on this and play on a woman’s need to feel wanted and attractive.

I understand that sometimes men’s insecurities come pouring out like an avalanche down a mountain. Usually a bottle of Jack Daniels was the catalyst to the avalanche exploding onto the scene. This is not the expression of insecurities and vulnerabilities that is endearing to me, but I needed to acknowledge that there are different ways men express vulnerabilities, just as the men themselves are different.

The kind of vulnerability I’m talking about is like when a man watches his woman on the dance floor. Watches her having fun, sending out vibes of confidence and sexiness. He knows that other guys see this and want what he has. The moment that the girl looks across the floor, makes eye contact with her man and winks… That moment where his heart fills and the vulnerability empties… Is the moment that is endearing.

When a man has been planning a surprise for someone he truly cares about for months… The day comes and he is just filled with anxiety over whether or not it was the right thing to do. Will she like it?  The nervous energy that has him pacing or being a little crabby. That’s the vulnerablity I love.

Men are far more afraid of rejection I think than women. Men are supposed to be strong, but more than that they are supposed to succeed at things. Conquer worlds, move mountains, build pyramids… Kill fearsome bugs. Their job is to make things right. If they fail at this, they see it as an overall failure.

I love the moment when you realize a guy really cares. Secretly he has been listening to your constant ramblings about anything and everything nonsensical and irrelevant in your life. Even if he was never in the position to help. Just the knowledge that you mattered, was just the help you needed.

Don’t get me wrong. A man who can take care of business, work on cars, make a living, and beat the crap out of someone who hurts you… Are also extremely attractive qualities. the vulnerability though… Is what wins a girls heart.


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