MOM and UNCLE MIKE’s Updates (courtesy of UM’s CaringBridge website)

SATURDAY, JAN 29, 2011 (One Day Old!)


MIKE had a rough night and was running a high temp and feeling nauseous.   All “normal” the nurses said.

PATTY and KATHY had a nice bonding night and went to see MIKE early this morning.

MOM and I arrived around noon and took Patty and Kathy to lunch.   After lunch we went back to MIKE’s room to celebrate his new birthday with some cupcakes.   Poor Mike was not feeling quite up to eating cake, but that day will come SOON!

The doctors say that the next 10 days will be the roughest for MIKE.  He will continue to get worse before he gets better.   By day 10, he will feel
“near death” as all of his white cells are destroyed and on day 11, they will begin to re-grow new ones.

PATTY had her post-op check up this afternoon and the nurse changed her bandages.  That always feels better too.   She feels much better today, just pretty sore.  Did not need any of the serious drugs today.

All in all, a good day!

  • FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2011 9:34 AM, EST
    FRIDAY, January 28, 2011

    Today is the day!   MIKE will receive new life today. This brings a new meaning to the term, “joined at the hip”, as this is where they will take the bone marrow from PATTY to put in MIKE.

    This will MIKES new birthday!  JANUARY 28th!

    We are at JH right now.  I will report more later today…….

    It was a very long day….. It took Patty 4 hours to get through the recovery process.  A lot of pain, swelling and feeling nauseous.

    MIKE received the new bone marrow around 4 PM and it did not take very long for it all to get in to him.   He was happy to be getting it.

    It was a very long day and PATTY was not feeling well enough to go home with me, so she stayed with Kathy at the local housing apartment.  Mom and I returned home to Rockville around 9 PM.

  • FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2011 8:25 AM, CST
    Thursday, Jan 27, 2011
    Today we (Patty & Deb) went to JH to get Patty’s pre-op testing done.
    She received a wonderful clean bill of health and a green light for the transplant to move forward. After her testing we went up to see Mike and Kathy.

    Mike was having a trying day with the chemo side effects and really was not feeling well at all.   Patty had Mike laughing so hard again today that Mike asked us to leave!

    After 5 minutes he allowed us to return!  Poor guy, not sure if he wants the happiness or not!

    We also met up with our friends MARY & RICK SNIDER.  Mary had just gone through her own Bone Marrow Transplant in November and was here for her 60 day check up and a bone marrow biopsy.

    Mary and Mike compared notes and shared a new bonded friendship.   Mary is doing fabulous now and so will Mike!