Valentines M&M’s, Baked Cheetos and Little White Pills (1.27.11)

These are the things that are keeping me company on this trip.  So far it has been an uneventful journey.  I left Madison on schedule right at 6:22pm on the dot.  I got to the Madison Airport early, so I paced the walkway and talked to my sister for quite a while.  She took the opportunity to lecture me about life, love, and anything else that popped into her mind.  It’s not that I don’t think she has a valid point, sometimes I disagree with her out of sheer principle.  She is the younger one and just in general should know less.  Anywho, we chatted.

Every once in a while I would need to stop our story to describe in detail what some tool box had decided to wear as an outfit to the airport.  The winner was most definitely the woman who had white hair, a white fur coat, under the coat was a white tight shirt, she had stone washed jeans with holes in them, tying it all together was knee high pleather white boots.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Another woman came in second place, but she was wearing head to toe fur, it’s possible she was an actual relative of big foot or sasquatch or something.  So, I’ll let that slide in case she has to wear it to stay in the tribe.  I also got the joy of a 3.5 minute stare down by a child who appeared to be about 2 years old.  I returned the stare solely in the hopes that she would walk into something during her rude examination of me.  No such luck.  We called it a truce and lost interest at the same moment.

During this time I also decided to explain to my sister in detail the joys of the high dose of amoxicillin I’ve been taking.  The ups and downs (literally) of what it was doing to my intestines.  I described it in detail.  With little regard to my fellow travelers.  After this I had to let her go because I was getting hungry and multitasking was not one of my strong points at this moment.  I got a sub from Quiznos.  There was a nasty girl there with a nasty attitude.  I think this must be a requirement to work there.  She made me a huge nasty messy sub which I ate with appropriate enthusiasm in the terminal.  Across from me, two tiny little chickies were sharing about 7 wheat thins and water.  They were critiquing me, I was considering eating them for dessert.  They finally went away.

Now I am sitting on the floor of the Milwaukee airport.  My flight has been delayed by a half hour, which isn’t horrible since I can sit and charge my phone and write on my computer.  I realize that I don’t have my computer charging at this point.  Just plugged it in… You’re welcome for the play by play.

Ooohhh new and exciting things are happening.  About 5 people just ran to the terminal.  They thought the flight had left them.  It turns out they just ran a quarter mile at full speed for now reason.  The flight has been delayed.  Pssst… That’s why they have those really pretty bright screens everywhere that list if a flight is delayed and how much it is delayed.  *wink

I’ll be taking a taxi from Regan National when I get into DC.  I’ll be going to Rockville to Aunt Deb’s house.  I’m excited to get there and hang with Alexandra.  I just had dinner two.  AKA… munchie fest 3 for the day.  Valentines M&M’s don’t make me feel anymore lovey about anything.  Odd.


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