Travels of the adventuresome kind…

Well, Mom and I are officially back “home” in Wisco.

I’m sitting here on Wednesday, February 2nd drinking coffee and waiting to go out into the storm.  What got me here a whole day early?

We were sitting in Maryland, Mom and I, and watching the news.  We noticed that on top of the ice storm that was hitting the East Coast, a very robust snow storm was going to be hitting the midwest.  As the day for departure grew closer (originally scheduled for Wednesday, February 2nd), airports started announcing closures and canceling flights.

I got on the phone with Frontier Airline’s costumer service.  Only a 28 minute wait to get to talk to customer service.  Only.  So, I put the phone on speaker phone and sat and watched TV with Mom, AD and UD.  However, UD wasn’t having this foolishness because the hold music was too loud.  So, I removed myself and the hold music to the kitchen.

We finally got the most helpful Frontier Airlines person on the phone.  She couldn’t change us to the flight we originally asked about, because it was a different airline (which should have been obvious to us… but obviously the excessive amounts of m&m’s affected our brains).  We got moved up to the exact same flights, just one day before.

We woke up Tuesday morning and got ready to take off.  We called a taxi to come and take us to the airport.  We didn’t want to have to worry about AD making it home safely after dropping us off.  We were delayed right out of the gate due to the local school traffic.  The schools were delayed 2 hours, so 9:00 was the witching hour for all under-caffinated soccer moms to drop off their devil spawn.

We finally made it through that little traffic back up and were on our way to the airport.  That ride went pretty smoothly.  We got dropped off and went inside to find no lines at the ticket counter!  We walked right up and  got checked in after just minor delays.  Note: the guy didn’t actually communicate with us what was taking so long to check us in… mom figured he just didn’t have any power in the rest of his life and was just screwing with us… I agreed.

We walked right up to the security counter and line.  There was no line at all.  We now were a little alarmed and trying to figure out if this was a good or bad omen for how the rest of the day would go.  Security held mom’s bag because her hot pen fan looks suspicious in the xray machine.  The security guy pulled it out, fanned himself… excited proclaimed “this works good!”.  Mom got all excited and started a on-the-spot infomercial… “If your wife or girlfriend has hot flashes, this is a must-have item!”

I slowly started walking away.

We waited for our flight at DC.  We were supposed to board the plane at 11:15.  At 11:15, there was still no plane to board.  We were slightly concerned, again.  However, at 11:20 our plane rolled in and they had us boarded and in flight within our original take-off time.  Mom was a “class” higher than me and got a free show and unlimited (alcoholic) drinks with her ticket.  I got to buddy up with the free show and we both got to watch whatever Direct TV channels we wanted.  She skipped the alcoholic drink, we were both a little too nervous and anxious for that.  However, we did take advantage of the free snack ($3.00 value).  We also got the infamous chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven.  While we were eating we encountered some turbulence, it’s amazing how little we cared at that point.

Milwaukee's Flight Info, February 1, 2011

We landed in Milwaukee and found a great little restaurant to eat at.  Mom and I both had veggie pizza’s and some soda.  We went down to our gate and realized there was only a handful of people on our flight to Madison.  We were crossing our fingers that we would successfully make it there!  We boarded a little bit late, but we made it on the plane and then had to be de-iced.  While we were being de-iced I got a message from AD saying that our flight had been cancelled.  I refused to tell Mom what the message said.  I waited until we were in the air before sharing that information with her.

Madison's Flight Schedule Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We made it up and down, in about that time.  We deplaned in Madison to an empty airport.  There was 1 more plane coming in after us and that was all.  All other flights in and out had been cancelled.  We had just barely made it there.

Rob was there to greet us and our luggage was already waiting for us when we got down.  The baggage guys were sitting on the carrousel, it was too cold to wait outside apparently.  We grabbed our stuff and headed out.  As we were leaving the airport, it started to snow.  It was the beginning of the “snowpacalype” that is outside today.


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