Recent updates on Uncle Mike, it’s been a rough few days.

MIKE & KATHY had a nice visit with her parents today, Al & Nancy Mertig.   They stopped in briefly to check in and see how Mike was doing.

MIKE even got a call from his donor (sister Patty) today and she say’s she is starting to feel better too!

Doctors this morning were going to review his EKG logs today and finally took him off his oxygen tubes and EKG hookups.  Ahhh, freedom!

Its now day 13 and they expect counts to start rising tomorrow.  If things go as planned he should be released to POP later next week.

He has been resting and sleeping most of the day.  Also started eating a little bit again.

Looking forward to walking the halls again tomorrow.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 9:43 AM, EST
Sparky was short of breath early this morning around the time of the platelet transfusion.  He is back on monitors and they are running more tests.
They are worried that the clot may have moved.  They have him on oxygen and he is resting.

More tests are underway.

Just another bump in the road Sparky!  Hang in there!  This too shall pass……..

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 5:06 PM, EST
MIKE continues to struggle today.   They (JH medical team)  did an aspiration in his lungs and did not find any hemorrhage.  This is very good news.   The Dr’s.  still have him hooked up to an EKG and a breathing tube and he is still sedated and will be as long as he has the breathing tube in.   They are very bewildered as to what happened to cause his down spin.

His platelet counts are up and he seems to be stabilised, but is not out of danger yet.

PLEASE keep the prayers coming!!!!

Needless to say, Kathy is a wreck, but has her Mom and her boys with her right now.

What a scary night!
They were able to stabilize him yesterday and he looks much more relaxed and comfortable now.  This morning they still have him hooked up to the ventilator and have him sedated although its very light and Katy has been able to make eye contact and talk to him very briefly before he drifted back off.

Doctors stopped by this morning and gave Kathy a brief update on Mike.  They believe that his heart is having problems, he used the term bruised, as a result of one of the chemo drugs that Mike was given.  He is looking good right now and they will be running more tests.  They will be keeping him on the ventilator today allowing the heart to rest.  They will also be doing further testing and adjustment of drugs to maintain heart function.

Mike continues to show what an incredible fighter he is!

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2011 10:05 AM, EST
MIKE had a good night and still seems to be improving.

With that said……Mike still has fluid building up in the lungs.  This increased slightly overnight.  They have decided to leave the ventilator in today as they give him medications to get the fluid off.

They have turned his sedation down to almost nothing.  He is still drifting in and out but very responsive. They will watch how he does today and review everything tomorrow and determine if they can take him off the ventilator.

All of his vitals and oxygen levels are good.  The doctor said he is very stable and looking very good.They just took another xray and will continue to do so daily as long as he is on the ventilator.

His platlet count was down so they did give him more early this morning – he tolerated that very well.


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