Boom Shaka Laka…

I really have no dire need to post anything.  Except the title.  I really wanted to post that today.  It is finally warming up in Wisconsin!  It is going to be over 50 degrees today!  It seems so warm compared to the 10’s and 20’s of just a month or two ago! 

I decided to forgo a jacket today, because obviously it’s that warm out (rolling my eyes at myself).  Sometimes a part of me believes that if I dress warm enough, the weather will respond.  “If I wear it, heat will come”.  This is obviously some kind of seriously delusional idea that I should probably address at some point… but today is not the day for that.  Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.

Today myself and a couple of my peers at work are going out to the Great Dane for lunch… mmmm… I love the Great Dane!  If only it was for Happy Hour instead of Lunch and we could have Beer instead of Soda and Someone Else was paying for it instead of Me… THEN it would be perfect.  In the meantime I’ll have to settle a notch below perfect.  Lets call that Awesome-ish.

Now, I don’t have to work tonight and have the opportunity to make the most of it by doing some kind of St Patty’s Day Eve (yes, I’ve decided that’s a real thing) Happy Hour.  I’m sure it would be the bomb-diggity.  I’ve also been dying to throw that phrase into a sentence today.  I must remember during this potentially bomb-diggity evening that tomorrow is the actual day!  They day where even if you are 1/20th Irish you rise  up, proudly claim your heritage… and drink green beer until you puke.  So, I can’t pre-celebrate too hard and risk not living up to my Irish Heritage! 

I believe I’m actually somewhere around 1/8th Irish.  Not too bad.  My Mom’s maiden name was Doyle… so that totally counts for something.  I believe it also helps my liver reginerate about 17% faster than non-Irish people.  That’s just a theory I have, but I feel pretty strongly about it!  Which obviously makes it fact-ish.

So, for today and tomorrow, I’m I^2.  (I squared, Ingrid and Irish).  While I’m just making up words, I’ll be I^3… Imazing Irish Ingrid.  Yup… that works!


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