Spork In My Eye

The last couple weeks have been a serious drain. 

There has been a cluster f*ck at work where people aren’t getting along and instead of working together to find solutions to problems, they are too busy finding someone else to blame.

One manager asked how things were going, and this was my email response:

If by emails flying around, you mean the non-sensical rantings of crazy people… then yes, at some point that should probably be addressed.  I don’t seem to have alcohol at my desk though… so I’ll try and do my best…

  • Provider Directory Goes Live
  • People go Crazy
  • IT fixes problems addressed
  • People reach a new level of Crazy
  • IT categorizes new issues into 3 topics
    • ASAP Issues
    • Next week or two Issues
    • Phase 2 issues
  • People seem to have medicated and respond well
  • Medication wears off
  • A VP and a Director are brought in to help the crazies
    •  Luckily they don’t drink the koolaid
  • It is decided we will keep the website up
    •  Duh
  • We decide to start a 100% audit
    •  Audit confirms that most of the data is correct and the “catastrophic” errors really only effect a small percentage of the website (not that they aren’t important… just not going to eclipse the sun and cause all human, animal, and plant life to die if not addressed today).
  • The VP halts the 100% audit since it appears to be a large waste of time
    •  ding ding ding
  • The changes were put into effect on Saturday and there has been radio silence since

Needless to say… I think I got my point across :)


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