Peanut Butter Toast

I should be sleeping.  Or cleaning.  Or doing something productive.  Instead, I am sitting here, playing on the computer and deciding if I need a 3rd piece of peanut butter toast before bed, or if I should just curl up without it.

I’m amazingly content tonight.  I’m super excited about the warmer weather that will be coming this week.  It’s about time it actually starts to feel like summer!  Even though I have to work most of the day tomorrow (both jobs), I am definitely going to make time to get out and enjoy some of the day!  Hopefully I didn’t bother my foot too much playing volleyball tonight… stupid tendonitis.  I’ll make sure to take more ibprofin before bed and try to be kind to it in the morning.

Sometime this coming weekend I will take the time to do a clean sweep of my house.  I’ve been putting it off for a while.  I hate clutter and have been avoiding the mess in the spare bedroom.  I need to just take a trip or two to goodwill and get the stuff out of here.

In less than 3 weeks, I’ll get to see my sister… which pretty much makes me super excited.  I’ll get to see Evie, who wasn’t walking the last time I saw her, but is now motoring around quite well.  She has 3 teeth now too!  I just can’t believe it.  I remember holding her when she was just a couple weeks old.  I loved her before she even came into this world… when she was just the very large, odd looking mass in my sister’s belly :)  Now, I get to wait for Lilian to be born and I already love her too!  Geeze, it’s just so crazy.  I hope I’m as good of an Aunt as so many of my Aunts have been to me!

I suppose… I should probably hit the sack now.  I’m having trouble warming up still after volleyball.  Time to curl up like a burrito in my bed.


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