Saturday the 7th – Battle for Middle Earth

On saturday, I walked in the local March of Dimes walk. It was a 4 mile journey around downtown Madison.  It started just off the square and ended in the same place.  I of course laid in bed until the absolute last minute to decide I was actually going to sweat for charity that morning.  The walk started at 9:30 and I rolled out of bed at 9:00.  I had been awake at 5:30, but decided that if I was going to walk for charity… I definitely needed more beauty sleep.

I woke up (again) at 9 and braided my hair, threw on a ball cap and drove (at slightly faster than the posted speed limit) downtown.  I got parked and navigated through the farmers market to find the hundreds of other people ready to walk for the cause.  I couldn’t find anyone else I knew right away, so I just started out my journey by myself.  Luckily, about a quarter of a mile in… I saw a girl cutting through the line giggling and happily realized that I knew who it was.  I ended up walking with her and her family for the rest of the walk.

At every checkpoint, almost every mile or so… they gave out goodies.  Now, this is my kind of race.  They mix instant gratification with a 4 mile walk.  I got animal crackers, sun chips, a banana, granola bars, tooth brush and tooth paste…. by the end of the walk I knew that if I was stranded on the way home by some kind of freak natural disaster, I wouldn’t starve to death… and I would have good breath.  So, that was a weight off my shoulders.

After the walk I waited in line for 20 minutes for 1 piece of free pizza.  It’s not like I needed it, by pockets were already overflowing with the before mentioned snacks, but it was free… and I have a weakness for free things.  Especially food.  After getting my tiny piece of free pizza, I decided to limp home.  I have been struggling with tendonitis in my foot and apparently the 4 mile walk was a littl emore than my little foot could handle. 

It just so happens that on the way back to the car, I passed the stand for the hot and spicy cheese bread.  It sounded gross to me at first too… then I tried it and it was like heaven… in my mouth.  I can’t actually compare it to heaven, never having the opportunity myself to taste it or anything, but I imagine it’s close to warm cheesy goodness.

I ate that on the way home, yes the whole loaf.  It was very attractive.  I earned a couple well-deserved stares from other drivers.  I would like to pretend it’s because they were thinking “man, that cheese bread looks good… I wonder where she got it”.  In reality, it’s most likely more along the lines of “holy mother, has that girl never before eaten in her life and is getting her first meal while driving?”.  Yeah, I was eating it that fast.  It could have been a discover channel special, I’m sure.

I ended my Saturday morning excursion on my couch.  Holding my cheese bread baby (aka my bloated stomach) and starting the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  You know it’s going to be a lazy rest of the day when you are fine commiting the next 9 hours to watching elves and short men battle ugly smelly creatures for middle earth.


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