Is the word of the morning.

Like a moth to a flame, so I will be oddly fascinated with my coffee in a few short minutes when I venture out into the wild yonder to fetch it.

It’s been a long time since I sat down to play video games.  I forgot how even though an 8 hour work day can seem like 27 hours… 27 hours of xbox live shoot-em-up excitement can seem like 2 hours. 

That is until you realize it’s 2am, your butt is now numb, you’re starving because you forgot to eat and you discover you’ve been arguing politics  with someone who most likely isn’t old enough to vote.

Now, a few short hours of unconsciousness later, my body is still upset with me for killing alien creatures for hours and my mind is still flashing with a strobe light effect.  Coffee is definitely in order.  I’m not sure if this will help or hinder my ability to effectively do my job today… but it is a necessary tool in order for me to at least navigate through my calendar of events.


Active Reload.



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