She dreams in color…

It’s a beautiful sunny day.  The high is only going to be around 64 degrees today.  Since the purchase of my wonderful smart phone, I no longer need to look outside to see if it is sunny or rainy.  I simply refresh my little weather icon and a little sun, clouds, or moon appear to let me know what I can expect when I actually do venture outside.  Yes, I’m aware how uterly lazy this makes me, but I’m okay with that. 

Some days, I’d like to know before I even crawl out of bed what kind of day it’s going to be.  Sunny and glorious, or cloudy and gloomy.  It affects how I approach the morning.  Do I need to compensate for crappy weather by taking extra time in the morning to blare some music and get pumped up?  Or, do I just relax and take my time knowing that a beautiful day is waiting to greet me just outside my front door?

Yes, I would know all that if I walked to the window and looked outside, however why would I ignore the functionality on my phone to do that for me?  One day, when I move into a house that has beautiful open windows and I can actually leave the blinds open without fear of letting the neighbors see that I own something worth stealing… then I will let the actual weather shine through.


Last night I had the strangest dream.  I was in Farm and Fleet (and the strangeness has already begun) and I was shopping around in the tire section… still strange.  I ran into my very first boyfriend.  He was very excited to see me, which made one of us.  He was working there (that he was working ANYWHERE… would be the strange part here). 

I chatted, moved on and went to buy little other things… mainly candy and food I believe.  Why I went to Farm and Fleet to get candy… probably because they actually do have a huge candy aisle.  Anyways, as I was checking out, my ex walked up and gave me 2 Farm and Fleet gift cards that he had (employee perk?) and walked away. 

I was totally taken off guard by the gift and it made me happy.  I felt like he was offering some kind of peace-offering after being such a tool-box waste of space while we were dating.  I’m not sure why that dream popped into my head considering it has been at least 5 years since I have even seen him.  I did go to bed hungry though, which explains the food. 


“Be still, God’s Gotter”
By: Lizzy Adametz
Facebook Status this morning

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