Chocolate Shoulder Pads


As I was blow drying my hair this morning, I started remembering one of my dreams from last night.

In the dream I was talking to someone on the “phone”.  The thing about this “phone” was that it was actually a miniature 3 Musketeers Bar.  You know, the little mint ones they have now.  Yup, a phone chocolate bar.  I was actually arguing with someone.  I was getting progressively more and more agitated.  Finally, when I wanted to hang up on them (because being a well-adjusted mature woman, that’s how I end conversations that I don’t like), I had to stare at the “phone” and decide how to hang it up.  Apparently talking to a candy bar wasn’t odd in my dream, but I realized I couldn’t hang it up in the normal fashion that you would with a regular old phone. 

So, I ate it.


Surprisingly enough, that’s not even the strangest part.  I then opened the next piece of chocolate (if you know me, this isn’t surprising as 1 is clearly just a teaser, 2 is better… and 3 is a well rounded snack).  Apparently I opened the next piece too soon, because the “connection” with the caller I was so pissed at was still open.  I was not surprised that chocolate number 2 was also a magical phone, I was pissed off that the connection hadn’t been severed.

I did start to think it was a little odd in my dream though and I pulled the bar in half and listened to both halves and was amused to find that whichever half I put closer to my ear I could hear out of.  I crushed one half… once again, totally mature and adult reaction… and I ate the other half (crushing both would have been exceptionally wasteful).

The moral of this story

Don’t want exorcism movies, then blow people up on video games, then have 3 little 3 musketeer bars… all in the fading hours of your Sunday evening.  It appears to be some kind of recipe for dreams that would greatly amuse a therapist or two, I’m sure.


The “chocolate shoulder pads” comes from a very intelligent conversation I had with the barista this morning while I was ordering my coffee.  My suggestion was some kind of Coffee Helmet (much like the Beer Helmet) that would allow someone to sip from two coffee cups mounted on their helmet through straws.  I figured that this ensemble would need to be accompanied by chocolate shoulder pads, you know… to complete the look.  I then pretended to take a bit out of my imaginary chocolate shoulder pads…

Nom Nom Nom

My friend Amy’s response:  You are so random.

My response: <giggles>


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