Drive me Crazy… Ooo Ooo

Over caffination.

So, here’s the thing. You know you have had too much caffeine when you are walking around the office and become increasingly annoyed by the sound of your own flip flops, flipping and flopping about while you walk.  The fact that you have had 1 too many coffee’s today only increases your walking-speed.  Which in turn increases the flipping and flopping.  Which increases your annoyance.  It’s a cruel and vicious cycle.

It probably doesn’t help that I decided to treat myself to Runts from the Runts dispenser in the kitchen.  I think the quarter I put in there every day goes towards hungry kids… somewhere…

I don’t like the orange or green ones though.  I have a routine.  I place in my quarter… shake the machine (important).  Take my reward (handful of runts) and promptly throw away the orange and green ones (they don’t need to taint the rest of my reward any longer than necessary).  Then I eat them in order of yumminess.

  1. Banana
  2. Strawberrys
  3. Grape — these used to get thrown away also, but were upgraded when my taste buds evolved to liking them also.

In between all this I actually get some work done.  Contrary to popular belief.

Then, I take another break and read something funny.  Usually about vampires, hookers, vodka or fairies.  Or about Vampire hookers that get it on with drunken fairies.  Whatever, I don’t judge.  If I’m already reading about fictional creatures, who am I to judge their bedroom activities?


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