Verbal Piggy Back Rides

So true...

Just when I was really having a crummy day, I reached out to just the right people and got some of the most positive feedback.  It seems selfish to need to hear good things about yourself every once in a while. 

I am my own worst critic and spend countless hours reminding myself how much better, faster, stronger, smarter… that I could be.  It’s not a bad thing to strive for more, but I don’t ever sit back and just enjoy who I am.  It’s exhausting and unfortunate.  When I do reach out, it astonishes me that I have any impact at all on other people’s lives (besides making them pee themselves with laughter). 

The fact that they have just the most generous and wonderful things to say to me… reminds me that pitty parties are okay once in a while… but like every party they should wrap up in a timely fashion, you need to clean up after them and move on.  Any party that lasts too long, is no longer a party… but just a waste of time and energy.

“Refreshingly Unique”… probably the coolest thing anyone has said about me in a while, makes me smile.

“Good Hearted”… such a strong phrase that I can’t help but feel stronger since it was used to describe me by someone that I consider a very good judge of character. 

“I like turds”… one of the most random responses, but one of the reasons I love my friends, especially this one. 

First it begins inside your heart. Something moves. Then opens. Then frees itself. And now, you feel a rhythm breaking its long silence. This is going to be good…


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