41 Weeks

That is how pregnant my little sister is today. Needless to say, she is about as thrilled as a pig learning ham is the main course for supper.

I love my sister to death, but her and I have never been known for our stability.  No one that ever knew us said, “now those Haga girls, they are smooth and constant”.  More like, “Oh, you’re going to talk to her about what?  Do you have a cup?  You should.”

We both have this anger management problem that is released similar to that of steam leaving a tea kettle.  However, occasionally that is not a fast enough release mechanism and the whole thing boils over and we burn everything in our path.  Seen Lord of the Rings?  The lava at the end that consumes everything.  Like that… but pink and sparkly.  Tricky, tricky.

We are a combination of our parents.  Our father who has the ability to restrain his temper, much like a monkey has the ability to compose Mozart.  He goes from zero to ape-shit angry in about 37 seconds.  Luckily with old age and experience he has mellowed out.  It takes a few minutes now, and he is slightly slower.  If you see the rage rise, you can narrowly escape by running in a zig zag pattern and waving your hands in the air for distraction.  He has a great sense of humor to balance out his temper, so you will most likely get away… and make him laugh.  Bonus.

Mom is the silent stalker.  You piss her off and you might not know about it for days.  My favorite instance of this was when her and I went out one time to a barn dance or something (don’t judge… we like to dance).  While there I was short with her about something.  Almost the entire ride back to the house we didn’t speak.  This seems like an impossibility if you know us, but it really did happen.  Finally I turn to Mom and say, “Mom, I’m sorry.  I was just sitting here thinking that if we got into a car accident and something happened to you…. I would feel terrible if we spent this time angry at each other”.

She turns to me and smiles and says, “You know, I was thinking the same thing… If we got into a car accident, Ingrid would feel horrible about how she treated me.  That would teach her”.

Yup.  That’s how we roll.

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