Sunday Evening

Despite how it appears, I’ve actually written quite a bit in the last few days.  They have mostly been private emails between myself and family members.  Sometimes people are going through things so rough and it’s all you can do not to reach out to them and physically remove the burdens they are carrying.  Even if it is only for an hour.  Just enough time for them to have a break.

A moment to recoup and recenter themselves and be ready to tackle that burden again with renewed self assurance.  I do that with words.  People have forgotten how really meaningful it is to hear the positives about one another.  We are our own worst critics.  We can name off every negative action, thought and skeleton in our own closets.  Ask us to name off our good traits, and we feel as though it is boasting, or that we simply don’t have that many.  By reaching out and sharing the positive ways in which we have impacted each other’s lives is so huge.

Sometimes the smallest thing someone does for you leaves a lasting impression.  An act of compassion or understanding that is never forgotten.  Many times the person that gave this to you is unaware that they did anything to change your life.  They were simply moving through their own life, unaware of their ripple effect on anything around them.  We all cause ripples, making them be positive is the tricky part.

I enjoy sharing moments with friends and family.  Things that they have done or said that impacted me in some way or another.  I like sharing with them images, pictures and sayings.  I have found that I’m a extremely visual person.  I enjoy seeing colorful paintings, sayings, and positive images.  When I see something that happens to strike just the right cord, I forward it along.  Perhaps one of my friends is silently going through some troubles of their own and just one of the things I forward will be a guiding light for them.

Life’s rough.  But it’s also this amazingly wondrous thing.  Balancing those two things takes a lifetime…


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