Practicality of Wishes

When making wishes on or about things, I heavily consider the practicality of the wishes being made.

It is important to be generous and wish for things for other people whenever possible. But not so generic and generous as “dear god, let’s tackle world hunger today, mkay?!”. More like, I wish for a friend to find their inner strength during a certain situation. Specific as to who and to what… but not as to how. If I knew the “how’s” of life, I’d be rich and famous.

Also, telling people what you wish for just isn’t a good practice. A well thought out wish is something very personal and meaningful. I don’t believe that the wish itself means more or less by telling someone, but it is something that is given more weight and is more special when it is kept to yourself. Sharing it to earn a pat on the back, a sticker, or to receive recognition for being so kind, isn’t really the whole idea behind a wish. Then you might as well just wish for your own awesomeness to start with and cut to the chase.

I often wish on some of the usual things. 11:11, falling stars, blowing out birthday candles, sacrificing of small animals… joking, joking. I also like to take random moments during a really great day to remember the things I have, and then direct some of those good thoughts towards someone else that might be needing them. It is so easy to remember all the stuff we personally don’t have and to wish for things to make our own lives easier. It’s harder to remind yourself of all the good things right in front of you and realize that being able to see the good stuff, is a gift in itself.

Your eyes don’t have to be closed for wishes, on the contrary if I see a falling star or something so fabulous that it is deserving of a wish… I will generally stare at it while making the wish. And for a while after making the wish since I probably zoned out and started daydreaming at some point during the wish making process. This happens, quite often.

Wishes are like Santa. The likelihood of them existing or being answered is very low… but do you really want to risk getting coal if you ignore them or waste them away frivolously? Absolutely not. It’s keeps your heart young and your imagination going.

Like sprinkles, when used sparingly and with slight creativity, wishes work the best, taste great, and are pretty low in calories.


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