Consciously Unconscious

I don’t know if it is a real thing, but I’ve decided it must be.

I’m extremely calm and content today, however half of a little white pill induced and half sleep deprived.  It’s one of those days where you blink and then realize that there really isn’t spiders crawling all over… you actually starting dreaming.  You think, balls… I really need some caffeine.  So, you go and get some coffee.  Luckily you get coffee often enough that you don’t need to articulate what you want.  You just grunt and hold one eyelid open and receive a cup and a request for $2.75 in return. 

Then you go to fill up your coffee and mumble to yourself about the skim vs. half and half and then throw in some splenda.  Realize some people are waiting, to dress up their coffees with the stuff you are blocking.  You wonder for a minute if you managed to fall asleep while standing up because you don’t remember if you actually put sugar in or not yet. 

You finish doctoring up your coffee and start the walk back to work.  The walk suddenly looks like a jump into warp speed, the buildings blur and your end point zooms way out into the distance.  You are suddenly sure you simply can’t make it back to work.  Someone will find you eventually.  They will understand.

After you force feed yourself the largest cup of coffee they have, you have about 45 minutes of over productivity, followed by what only can be described as a catatonic state.  Drooling and possible loss of control of bodily functions might happen.  This is the vicious cycle that sometimes takes main stage during a day. 

Today would be one of those days.


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