New Love

Today, recovering from my weekend of awesomeness started with sleeping in, then burning the flesh off my skin on my black leather seats… BAD VAJETTA.

I proceeded to grab a milios sub (I might be totally IN LOVE with the humus sub) – Light on the humus and no black olives.  In case anyone wanted to bring one to me.  Just FYI.

It’s a hot one today.  I have to work for a bit at the salon, then maybe find someone* to do (that involves air conditioning).  The weekend was rough to my waist line, so I can’t snack as much next week.  Boo.

Well, I’m off to “seize the day”.  Or, like Kim used to say “off like a prom dress”.

*someone = something… this was a typo that was pointed out by someone else.  I decided to edit it, but also leave it since it made me giggle.


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