Morning Person

I’ve always been more of a morning person.

It’s a clean slate, a new day, a chance to start over and take on the world.

No matter how bad the previous day was, you get a morning to reflect on it and adjust.  A chance to adjust your path, ever so slightly.  Even if no adjusting is needed, it’s the opportunity to be grateful for being on the path you are on. 

I find mornings to be in general my most calm time of the day.  I’m not anxious, I’m not worried, I haven’t gotten around to being angry at anyone or anything yet.  Probably because generally it’s just me and my star wars bear… and if he upset me during the night… he is already on the floor where he belongs.

The odd thing is that as much as I love mornings, I’m not a big fan of actually going to bed.  I enjoy my time at home and try to maximize it.  Not maximize it in any over productive ways.  I’m not building shelters for the poor or curing cancer, but I am watching funny movies and blogging and occasionally cleaning. 

Nights have always been tougher.  The whole day is weighing on your shoulders.  Everything from the commute to and from work, work itself, life, family, friends, perhaps indigestion… all these things can lead to a rather sulky evening.  I feel the most lost at night.  Like my anchor has been stolen and I’m floating aimlessly in the dark.  I have many questions, but no answers. 

Then morning comes and everything falls into perspective.  It’s not that I magically figure stuff out, it’s that I have a night’s rest between myself and my woes.  I realize that many of the issues that kept me up are out of my control, or small beans in comparison to the problems some other people face.  I often tell myself, “stop being dramatic, Ingrid… imagine if you didn’t have any legs at all!”  Sounds odd, but as much as I like dancing, this helps me to remember things could be worse.

Mornings also equal a chance to put together a new outfit, outlook on life and pick a new place to eat.  So many great things come with a morning.  I mean, there is the McDonald’s breakfast menu.  Seriously, do you need more of a reason to favor mornings?  Donuts, waffles, coffee, cinnamon rolls… All morning things.  I really am failing to see any negatives with morning.  Cold pizza!  See, everything is better in the morning.

So, happy morning!!

Seize the day, or someone’s butt.  Not a coworker though, that my friends is sexual harassment and is not tolerated in the workplace.  If you’re going to seize some strangers butt, you should do it before the conceal carry law passes, or you might end up with a new hole in your body to hang jewelry from.  Maybe, you should just seize your own butt… less opportunity for lawsuits or bullet holes. 

** note… spell check didn’t like the word “butt”… see its suggestion below…


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