I have walked the Syttendai Mai Walk? The 17 mile walk from Madison to Stoughton.

I have participated in 5k and 10k walks and runs.

I have been to Ozzfest 3 times.

I was in a gas station when it was robbed.

I have flown in a helicopter, tiny planes and big planes.

I have been to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Mexico.

I have played golf next to the Ocean in Delaware.

I visited Arizona and in 4 days I went: Horseback Riding, Hot Air Ballooning, Train Ride through a Canyon and took a Jeep through some Red Rock Canyons.

I have milked cows, cleaned their poop and helped deliver their babies.

I’ve grabbed an electric fence, and convinced my sister to do the same.

I have 1 share of the Green Bay Packers, courtesy of my Father.

I’m not a superstitious person.

I would much rather give someone something than receive something.

I have over 40 1st cousins and 200 second cousins.  My mom is 1 of 6, My dad is 1 of 8, and my Grandmother was 1 of 13.

My Mom convinced me once that I would die on the toilet as an old person if I didn’t stop pushing so hard when I pooped.  She told me there was a study on it.  I was scarred for years… turned out she was wrong.

I used to tell the best stories.  Some called it lying, I called it imaginiative reality.

I have read probably over 1,000 books. 

I absolutely love music, and I love to dance.

I am completely inspired by colors and visual stimulation.

I have owned many vehicles… including: 89 chevy cavalier, 89 acura legend, 89 dodge caravan, 89 plymouth acclaim, 89 chevy s10, 2000 nissan altima and most recent purchase is a 2009 vw jetta. 

I have lived in many cities just since our family moved to wisconsin: watertown, dodgeville, sun prairie, madison, stoughton, evansville and finally madison again.

I have worked in many different industries: manufacturing, healthcare, accounting, retail, IT. 

The first time I went to college I got a 0.0 gpa and didn’t stay (was asked to leave).  The second time I put myself through night school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a 3.89 gpa.

I was diagnosed at 19 with GAD – Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  Luckily I have quick wit and a good sense of humor to balance the worst of the symptoms.  It can be a truly exhausting struggle at times.

I am surrounded by some of the most talented, beautiful, kind, loving and creative people on this planet.  Friends are the Family you choose… I have chosen wisely. 

I secretly dream of owning my own shop somewhere in a small town and being able to make it selling little trinkets that brighten people’s day.  And if I could obtain a liquor license to serve them a glass of wine while they shopped, that’d be ideal.  It would be very bright and cheerful, you would be hard pressed not to find something that wouldn’t touch your heart and make you smile.  The things would be just expensive enough to be a thoughtful gift, but not so expensive that you couldn’t buy yourself one too.


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