Friends… Checkmate



I have some of the best friends. I have such a healthy mix of personalities and individuals. I know that they each bring a little something special to the table. Not like drool or something like that, but something real and irreplaceable.

As different as they each are, they all have a few things in common. They are all successful, intelligent, funny and awesome. I do not make these things up. I sit back sometimes and really wonder how I managed to collect such a unique grouping of amazing people. They are like the perfect chess set.

Pawns – these would be all my acquaintances. The ones that I see out usually only when dancing, drinking, or posting bail. They are just as amazing, however we haven’t spent enough time really remorseful over the previous night’s actions to be moved past the pawn stage. These people are totally awesome and if they post something horrid on Facebook, I will only feel bad for a while after deleting them. Yup, I’m that person.

Knights (aka horsey piece) – I feel like these must be my guy friends, because making reference to riding any of my girlfriends around would just seem naughty. Plus my girlfriends would take a more direct route than two forward and one to the side constantly. Seems a little odd to me. Perhaps like the piece refuses to stop and ask for directions on how to get across the board.

Bishop (pointy piece) – These I think are Amy and Kim. They can move in a diagonal direction super quick in order to intercept any enemies, or block me from charging forward into enemy territory. And that’s why there is two of them because I need extra help like that. They are both very similar in that they are smart and witty and listen to my stories with a mixture of interest and disappointment. I’m like their very adult child, who welcomes all their advice… but only actually listens to about 32% of it.

Rook (Castle) – I’d guess this would be Jamie. She moves in one direction. She knows exactly what is going on and does not take any alternate path. She is strong and unwavering. She can crush opponents and will do so, probably with a little glee. Terrisa most likely would be in this category too. She is driven and no nonsense. You know exactly what she is thinking and what she stands for. She is a rock as a friend and I’d hate to be on her bad side. We have been through a lot together and she is still there for me. Brick by brick, we make a good team.

King and Queen – I’m the queen. Obviously. The king’s position is currently vacant. I’m taking applications. This person needs to be able to cook and earn a good living because they don’t do shit on the chess board and are always costing me the game. Rude, I know. He also isn’t smart enough to be able to move more than one block in any direction, everyone else needs to get out of his way before he can move and he is crap for defense. As the queen I’m left to looking good and running all around the board. Life’s rough.


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