My Dad told me the cutest story about my grandparents (his mom and dad) today.

My grandma always loved to dance. Anyone that knows me also knows this is genetic. My grandfather was not very good at dancing. 

They would go out to clubs at whatever military base my grandfather was stationed at during that time.  They would have dinner and then grandma would dance the night away. Slow songs with grandpa, fast songs with anyone else.

For a couple weeks at one point, my grandpa told my grandma that he was working late. After this stint, one night my grandpa offered to dance a fast song with grandma.

She thought it was sweet and declined at first, knowing he really didn’t enjoy dancing that much.  He insisted however so they made their way to the dance floor.

The music started and guess who busted out some new dance moves?  Grandpa had been secretly taking dance lessons to be able to join grandma on the dance floor more often.

Grandma taught me to jitterbug, grandpa loved her enough to learn on his own, and all 8 of their kids have rhythm.

Dancing, good for the soul.


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