I would love to travel.

I was thinking today that I should save up money and go to Europe for a month. What would I do?  I don’t know.  Eat, blog, take pictures, walk around, make friends… It just sounds so appealing to live on a whim for a while in a foreign place.

I’m not going to pretend to actually want to learn a foreign language or anything.  I’m really good with English.  I’d like to not set myself up for failure with another language.  I am not about stopping shaving my armpits to fit in, or being molested by random people in greeting… wait… that second part I could get used to if I had to.

I just really want to experience things and people.  You only live once. I’d like to be able to go somewhere and know about it.  Really know about it.  Not read about it or scratch and sniff it… but live it and breathe it.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be out of the country.  There are lots of places here in the US that I could totally spend a weekend getting acquainted with.

I think the thing holding me up is being a single, 30 year old, non humpback female.  I don’t want to be locking my doors at night to keep out intruders at every hotel I stay at.  I definitely wouldn’t mind traveling alone, but I feel like there are enough dangers in life in general… do I really want to dangle myself out there like a carrot in front of any would-be assailants?

Anyways, I digress.  I really would like to see the world.  While I still have my faculties about me and do not have baggage.  Not like luggage, like little breast feeders that will need babysitters if I need to go somewhere.


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