Chronicles of Blueberries and Cherries

Incident Location Age Result Mini-story
“Rolling” through a stop sign Dodgeville 18 Warning After many complaints from friends about stopping at yield signs, I roll through a stop sign and get pulled over.
Passing in a turn lane in town Dodgeville 18 Warning Officer: Do you know it is illegal to pass in a turn lane?
Ingrid: *shocked* No way!
Officer: Yes, especially in town.  It is illegal and unsafe.
Ingrid: Are you sure??  I convince the officer that I am pretty certain it is legal to do that if the car in front of you is going exceptionally slow.
Speeding in town (35+) Dodgeville 18 Warning Officer: Why were you speeding. 
Ingrid: To see who was in the car in front of me.
Officer: What?
Ingrid: Well, I wasn’t sure who the car was in front of me and I thought I knew them… so I sped up to get a better look.
Random encounter being pulled over Dodgeville 18 Rolling of Officer’s Eyes Officer: Why were you pumping your brakes at that intersection?  I thought you were signaling me that there was a problem!! 
Ingrid:  I was pumping the brakes to the music.
Officer: Could you please not do that.
Radio being too loud in town Dodgeville 18 Warning Officer: I could hear you coming all the way down main street. 
Ingrid:  I find that hard to believe since this is a minivan and the only speakers that work are the factory ones in the front.
Officer: Well, on top of that your license plates letters are a little small. 
Ingrid: Is this a real conversation right now?
Officer #2: Sorry ma’am.
“Breaking in” to someone’s car Dodgeville 18 Warning Officer (after blocking me into my own driveway): Ma’am you were seen assisting in the breakin of an abandoned vehicle earlier today. 
Ingrid:  Um, do you mean my friend’s van which I gave him a ride to in order to lock it up since it got a flat tire there the night before? 
Officer:  Have a good night.
Blatantly speeding and running stop sign. Dodgeville 18 Warning Officer: What’s going on here? 
Ingrid: Those B*tches are throwing sh*t at my CAR!!! 
Officer: That’s what I thought (pulls them over)
Ingrid: Drives by and waves.
Speeding (40 in a 25) Oregon 24 Ticket
– reduced in court
Officer: Thanks for being so cooperative *hands me a ticket*
Ingrid: I wouldn’t have been so cooperative if I knew you were going to ACTUALLY TICKET ME!
 *** Ticket is reduced to faulty speedometer in court.
Speeding (70 in a 55) Stoughton 24 Ticket
– only actual ticket
Officer: Do you know why…
Ingrid: Yes.  — since this is two weeks after getting first speeding ticket reduced… I accept that speeding ticket.
No license plate (at 4:00am) McFarland 27 Warning Officer: I really thought you were going to pass that field sobriety test. 
Ingrid:  Me too!!
Officer: ** rolls his eyes** Just call a friend and get back in your car.
Speeding (supposedly) Madison 27 Warning Officer: Do you know why you are being pulled over? 
Ingrid:  I have no clue at all. 
Officer: You were speeding. 
Ingrid: No I wasn’t. 
Officer: Yes you were. 
Ingrid: No.
 **** Staring contest ensues.
Speeding (50 in a 35) Madison 28 Warning Officer: Do you know why you are being pulled over?
Ingrid: Yes, I was speeding. 
Officer: Why are you going so fast? 
Ingrid: I’m late for a chocolate festival in Illinois with my Dad. 
Officer:  Oooohhh, well enjoy that and please slow down.
Speeding in the country (75 in a 55) Up North 28 Warning The highway split and the speed limit went from 65 to 55 and my cruise was still set at 75.  Oops.
Daytime lights vs. Headlights (at 1:00am) Dodgeville 30 Warning Officer: Do you know the difference between daytime running lights and headlights? 
Ingrid:  No, why? 
Officer: You have no rear headlights right now. 
Ingrid:  Oopsies (note: this is post Blues Fest and my cousin and I are trying to look innocent while we both still have our beer tent drinking bracelets on).
Officer: Just make sure to keep your lights on.
Speeding in the country (68, in a 55) Poynette 30 Warning Officer:  Ma’am do you know… ARE YOU SERIOUS? (this is when he recognizes me). 
Ingrid:  *smiles* Hey you! :)  Want some pizza? 
Officer:  Do you not care how fast you are going?
Ingrid:  Well, how fast was I going?
Officer: 68.
Ingrid: Are you sure?
Officer: Yes.
Ingrid:  Huh, well I usually try and stay around 9 miles over, isn’t the usual buffer?
Officer: Doesn’t acknowledge that, just rolls his eyes and tells me to slow down. :)

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