So I was reading an article lately that willpower is like a muscle and the more you flex it, the easier it is to use it.

This was very encouraging to me, so I began trying it.

Monday I focused on my snack times. I have a friend who ones referred to them as “feedings”, which I didn’t care for because it reminded me of cows:

10:00a feeding
3:00p feeding
8:00p feeding

I decided to actually stick to that schedule instead of the one I had lapsed to in reality:

Post Breakfast Snack
10:00a Snack
Pre Lunch Snack
Post Lunch Snack
3:00p Snack
Pre Dinner Snack
8:00p Snack (aka, Dinner 2)

This seemed to work rather well.  I trimmed down to my good girlish feeding schedule and managed to only contemplate gnawing my arm off once or twice during the day.

Tuesday I drank less than usual, and replaced it with oreo cookies.  There is some positives and minuses to that strategy, but I refuse to be a pessimist so I am only looking at the positives and not looking at the negatives, or the scale.

Wednesday I went to the doctor and found out I had Pleurisy, which is very painful.  I was prescribed pain meds and actually took less than the allowed dose and did not take them with Vodka.  High five.

Today, I’m driving to work… all proud of my accomplishments towards this will power muscle flexing thing and a huge Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich semi drives in front of me.  I slow down, look towards the heaven and say, “Really?  Really?… Jerk.”  I then decide that if God is going to play that kind of dirty pool, I’m going to let my willpower muscle atrophy and I’m going to be okay with it.

Oh yeah… sticking it to THE man.


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