Smell the Roses

Life is just too short.

Someone was just talking to me about their favorite color clothes to wear.  They loved to wear white pants, but couldn’t because it’s after labor day.  Fashion-smashion.  Life is just too short not to wear what makes you feel pretty and good any damn time you want.  I think finding the pleasant and awesome things about your own life is wonderful, and putting arbitrary restrictions on those things is just ridiculous.

Now, I’m not saying you should have carrot cake for every meal because you like it.  But, if you do like it… then take the time to treat yourself to both cake, and a walk.  Offset all the great things inside you, with the great things outside you. (Yes, I’ll allow a “that’s what she said” moment in there).

If you like to sing, don’t be afraid the car next to you will see you or laugh.  It’s not like you are going to the same place.  That person is probably going home to slide through their living room with nothing but socks on.  I wouldn’t worry about other people’s opinions about the little moments that make your life a rockin good one.

I personally try to be friendly and smile to people.  I try to remember that there is no reason to spread negativity.  It is like an STD, you give it to one person, and the next thing you know a hundred people are infected.  Plus, the more I smile… more my attitude tends to stay on the positive side.

Although I do like to really dive into the sarcastic hilarity that is human nature, I still overall have a positive out loud on life.  I think there are so many beautiful things, people and experiences out there… if it wasn’t for the really bad moments, ugly things and ugly people, it wouldn’t make the good stuff shine quite so bright.

So, to the f-tard that cut me off this morning on the beltline, thank you.  Thank you for reminding me that even on my foggiest and groggiest Monday Morning, I wouldn’t drive anywhere close to as bad as you do… you ass hat.  **smile**


3 thoughts on “Smell the Roses

  1. Amen Girl!!!
    Love your point of view on life and reminding us all that life is too short and every minute wasted on negativity is a minute lost of enjoying your precious short life!

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