Monday is a good day for reflection.  Mostly because you spend so much time counting to 10 to avoid smacking the crap out of someone.  Reflection is a good thing.

Okay, so I’m trying to write this while watching cops and realizing that there is obviously a parallel dimension in which some people come from where lying is their native language, only they SUCK at it.  Officer, “why do you have crack cocaine on you?”  Criminal, “Well, here’s the thing… this guy offered me this bottle of wine…”.  Seriously?  That’s your big story?  A GUY stopped you and offered to have a bottle of WINE with you?  Do you think you are being busted for prostitution?  I’m confused.

Gah, ANYWAYS… reflection, so nice AND LEGAL.

I had an absolutely great weekend with great people, great food, just awesome.  I have not a single complaint :)  Watched some hockey, watched about 37 million hours of the tv show, Sons of Anarchy and watched the game with a couple other cool and whacky friends.  Nothing like a little ninja nipple twisting at half time.

During the Sons of Anarchy brain melting marathon, there was one quotation that really stuck out in my mind, “God forgives all, it is people that can’t”.  Seriously one of the truest things I have heard in a while.  Just stuck in my mind and had me contemplating during my meditation practice (non-slapping exercises) at work.  I think I can be pretty forgiving… I forgive people for wasting the oxygen I could be breathing on their very sad and smelly existence.  See :)  Forgiveness.  TADA!


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