I have never felt really strongly one way or another about Hockey.

After beginning to date my boyfriend I watch him play hockey every week.  Either once or twice a week.  One day I noticed when when I was sitting there that I was enjoying the sound of the skates on the ice.  I also realized that I was for the most part completely relaxed.  Shivering, but relaxed.  There was no one to talk to.  No one talking to me.  I could share in something the person I cared about enjoyed immensely and do so from a comfortable vantage point.

There have been games where I’ve taken reading material or music to listen to, but no matter what I’m doing, I’m calm.  It’s time to sit back and reflect on my day, plan things to come, or simply watch the teams that play most weeks.  I think I enjoy the Monday league the best.  It is full of beginning hockey players that are mostly older men.  I find it so endearing to see these guys who can barely skate come out on the ice every week and game after game slowly get better.  I’ve seen grown men fall repeatedly and get back up and try again.  My heart goes out to them, and I’m so proud of them for coming back each week.  I don’t even know most of these guys, but I know that it takes a little something extra to keep trying.

I wouldn’t consider myself a groupie, but I definitely have a spot carved out in my heart for hockey players now and truly enjoy watching all skill levels, ages and genders play the game.

And it’s cute to bring people with me sometimes (who shall remained un-named) who smile and ask what quarter it is.  :)  Wrong sport, but her heart was in it… and she brought me coffee.  So she gets a pass.


2 thoughts on “Hockey

  1. My husband plays men’s league and coaches kids hockey. I also came to love the sport and really look forward to any time I get to spend watching him when he is on the ice. It is an awesome sport, and I love having it as part of our life. (Plus, you know what they say, hockey players make the best lovers, so that is a perk :) ).

  2. Ingrid, your experience of finding calm at the Hockey game reminded me of my pool experience. Three mornings each week, I leave my senior apartment at 6 AM and go to our indoor pool to do water exercise….by myself. Because I cannot do other things: telephone, read the paper, drink coffee, talk to anyone, write in my journal, etc., I find it to be a wonderful hour of thinking, planning, and reflecting, while moving in the water. I find these times to be priceless and I see you do too.

    Lots of love, Grandma Joanie

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