Thick Cut

So, tonight Jason, Vinny and I went on a date to Burger King to see if their thick cut fries were in fact the best thing since sliced bread.

On my way to meet the boys I had a chance to call my sister and catch up.  We talked at mock speed, in half sentences and grunts.  So I can’t relay most of that message.  However I did tell her how last night I didn’t sleep worth shit and on top of that I dreamed about a killer who after biting someone’s ear off, proceeded to basically devour their face.  This is totally disturbing.  I wasn’t watching anything super weird before bed, I didn’t eat anything weird before bed, in fact there was nothing odd about my night.  My sister and I decided this was a serial-killer type dream and it was probably a sign of something.  Then the boys pulled up to Burger King and we decided to leave that conversation where it was.

Us mighty food-adventurers went into burger king and ordered our meals.  I got a grilled chicken salad, and thick cut fries, and a diet coke.  I know that many people smirk at a diet coke and salad at burger king, however I would like to argue that cutting calories is still a good idea, even at booger fling.  We sat, Vinny donned his king crown and we proclaimed the fries delicious!  Thick cut = success.

As the meal was winding down, Vinny asks if they can go to Gander Mountain.  I think this is weird but don’t say anything.  Finally they decide they are going and invite me along too.  I look at Jason, incredulously, and say, “Well, I’d have to stop home first and get other clothes!”  He just stares at me.  I repeat my self and add, “I can’t go in this outfit!”  He repeats that they are going to Gander Mountain.

I pause a moment and then proceed to laugh like a crazy person.  Gander Mountain (store) and Cascade Mountain (ski resort) are apparently interchangable in my head.  I was wondering how Jason expected me to ski in work pants and a sweater and thought he was obviously insane.

And there is that blonde in me I’ve been missing.

Welcome back.


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