** This post was written 1/3/12 and I just discovered it sitting in by drafts… alone and unread. Sad.

You know, there is something to be said about being bored.  I have been so busy over the holiday weekend that I actually enjoy the feeling of being bored.  I look forward to the moment where I have been doing nothing so long, that I’m compelled to do something just to change it up a bit.  Like when you have been sitting on the couch for so long that you move to the other side of the couch just to give yourself a change of scenery.

Between being at the boyfriend’s house, my house and the holidays… boredom has been a thing of the past.  Tonight, I take my boredom back.  I have been laying in my bed since I got home watching Netflix movies and playing on the internet.  I am just lazy enough that having to pee seems like an inconvenience.  My bathroom is in my bedroom.  It is literally a handful of steps away, however I’ve been waiting until I really have to go to make the “trek” to the bathroom.

I thought for a second about going through my closet and putting aside some things for goodwill, but it just seems a little too chilly outside my covers.  I played with my photo booth application on my laptop, rummaged through my purse, and anything else that was within arms reach.

I am distracted by the spanish speaking lawn flamingo on the tv at the moment.


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