We spent the whole weekend doing the human version of nesting. We painted what is now “his” bedroom and is soon to be “our” bedroom. We also painted what will soon be the “office” and is now just the “i don’t know where to put it so lets throw it there and hope someone robs our house and only happens to stumble into this room and steals everything” room.

We picked out the colors ourselves and did quite a find job of painting. We spent from about 10:00am till 6:00pm dutifully painting. We took only a short pizza break for lunch. If you haven’t ever ordered a pizza while on a painting extraveganza… do it. Something about it goes so perfectly together. Plus, I’m pretty sure painting-pizza has way fewer calories than regular pizza.

We cleaned, dusted, disassembled and organized. It was exhausting and exhilerating. We spent most of the day busting our humps so we could go out for St Patricks day, and then ended up too tired to go anywhere, so we just stayed home and made brownies and drank wine/beer.

We are slowly making it “our” place. Jason has made such an effort to include me in the whole process and wants it to be ours and wants me to feel comfortable. It is such a nice and warm feeling to be so welcomed into a home that will also be mine. So many things are set in stone in our relationship at the moment because of location, finances or child care. Having some flexibility and room to grow/change in other flexible areas of our lives is pretty cool and I appreciate the opportunity to make the home more welcoming for all of us.

I am an organizer at heart. I see clutter and my heart does a little flutter and I want to straighten, shred, throw away or donate it. My mind is always so cluttered and racing with randomness that I prefer to surround myself with crafty, creative, artful and well organized things.

Jason, not so much. However, he totally indulges me and allows me to straighten and decorate and be crafty to my little hearts content. I feel free to be me and to do it loudly. Most importantly, during my little creative outbursts he is there with a hammer and a step stool to hang whatever fills my life with a little joy. Having his support and help, means just as much as the stuff itself.

I’m standing at the start of our journey and think it is all going to be a pretty cool adventure. I’ll be sure to charge my camera battery, bring s’mores fixings and my slippers.


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