Easter Hike

Jason, Vinny and I spent our Easter Sunday walking the entire loop around Devil’s Lake.  Vinny was such a trooper and kept up and was taking pictures and so excited.  It was about 60 degrees and beautiful blue skies.

We packed sandwiches and pretzels, which admittedly was Jason’s idea.  I was kinda crabby about it, but he carried it and never complained once.  He is so good.

We got to the other side of lake and were swarmed by some sort of water nat.  Swarmed is not an understatement.  We ended up jogging during our hike through that part because the bugs were so thick that we had to close our mouths, pull our sweatshirts over our head and spit… often. Vinny is running and exclaiming, “this is the best and worst day of my life”.  I love the dramatics of 9 year olds.  Jason tells us that it is, “such an adventure”.  Totally reminds me of something my Dad would say.  We randomly warn people hiking the other way about what they are about to encounter.  If they don’t sound friendly, we send them into the hoard.  If they seem like nice people, we direct them the opposite way.

We took the Merrimac ferry on the way home and stopped for ice cream.  Two helpings of chocolate chip cookie dough that I ended up just helping jason with his.  And by helping I mean picking out the dough chunks while he drove.  So helpful.

We ended up hiking for two and a half hours, coming home, showering and napping.  We ended the evening with tacos and brownies.

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic Easter.


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