At work we are having a biggest loser competition.  I joined.  Not because I’m currently in any need to lose big, but because a trainer will be coming every week to talk to us about our weight loss goals.  I was explaining some of my initial discoveries and information acquired to my boyfriend via email, and realized it was exactly the right kind of thing to blog in case other people could find it useful.  I am in the toning/shaping focus area of health, but also just trying to eat right to fuel my body appropriately.  And that is where some of my newest revelations were centered around.  Below is my recap:

It was a very interesting meeting because most of those meetings are lead by a trainer from Horizon Health and Fitness (Madison, WI).  He talked about the calories you should be taking in and what percentage of those should be proteins (chicken, milk, etc), carbs (bread, pasta, etc) and fats (nuts, brownies, etc).  He sent Laura (coworker) this calculator that she sent out to everyone that allowed you to calculate the amount of calories you should be consuming in order to lose weight. 
Apparently a lot of people don’t eat enough to lose weight.  In order for your body to burn up fat, it needs energy and if you aren’t feeding it enough, it just won’t do a good job at it.  This makes sense, but I have never thought of it that way before.  He mentioned that he would be sharing some “hard to grasp” concepts, and this certainly was one for many people in the room (and many people I’ve talked to since).  For people limiting their diets in order to lose weight and having been so focused on it, the thought of adding calories back is almost blasphemous and actually can cause anxiety.
I figured out what I usually eat in a day and apparently I’m high on my carb intake (go figure… since I practically live on pretzels, sandwiches and pasta) and low on my protein (so I should have more chicken… get to pluckin’), but good on my fats… so a brownie/cookie is okay still (or at least that is my translation of the results). ** I had tacos for dinner last night and instead of a tortilla used a couple big ol’ pieces of lettuce.  Saved on carbs, but got the protein from the lean beef.  Weeeeee.
Also, many people say you shouldn’t eat right before bed because the food sits in your belly and you don’t burn it off.  The trainer said that is not entirely true.  Your body rests and recovers while you sleep and rebuilds muscle fibers and stuff (stuff being the non-technical term) and in order to do that, it needs some energy.  So if you are constantly going to bed hungry,  you aren’t giving your body any fuel to do the recovery and rebuilding it needs to do.  No sugars or brownies or anything.  But a healthy snack before bed is okay if you are hungry.
He continued by saying that having a little protein and some carbs after excersizing actually helps keep your muscles from being so sore and keeps your body burning calories longer after a workout.  He gave some examples of what would be good after a workout, Protein Shake and Banana, Tuna on White Bread (white bread because it will burn fast and won’t stick around long).  My takeaway = drink a glass of milk after I excercise.  

Hopefully someone has found this as useful as I did.  Yes, somewhat controversial depending on where you are in your weight loss / healthy / toning journey… but food for thought!


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