I don’t know what is wrong with this picture but the caption won’t stick.  This butterscotch that was a delightful find earlier (because it was well hidden at my desk and I have the munchies something fierce today at work) and I was so excited about, has caused me to flip off my computer and stomp my feet in frustration as I can’t understand why I seem to be thwarted by the stupid picture editing software on this site at the moment (and for many moments before that… the amount of moments I won’t tell you because it will be a clear indicator of how much possible moments of productivity were lost to this one sucky candy).

I was almost tempted to delete this post altogether just to really show my indignation at the horrible turn that was a while ago a awesome surprise and is now just a thorn in my side.  BUT then I realized some of you would never know how bad my undies were in a bundie over this and decided to leave it and just rant above the picture.

Much better than a caption anyways.



(problem-child picture)


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