Mastermind Group…

I came across this blog after going from one creative person to another.  It went something like this, Curly Girl Blog –> Kelly Rae Roberts Blog –> Danielle LaPorte Blog –> Jennifer Louden Blog.  I enjoyed each one obviously, or I wouldn’t have kept clicking to discover more and see who these other creative people were. 

The world is small sometimes and I like to connect the dots for people.  Danielle LaPorte and Jennifer Louden were talking about Mastermind groups and I found the idea super cool. 

I am constantly thinking (plotting as my dear boyfriend calls it) about ways to bring color, inspiration and creativity into my life, work, blog, etc.  This sounds like just another way to achieve that goal. 

So, I did this blog in particular for a contest on Jennifer Louden’s blog site, but more so because the idea of a mastermind group is truly intriguing and I enjoyed very much thinking about it and wrote down my thoughts.  Instead of retyping them, I enjoyed the little exercise so much that I just took a picture of it instead.




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