Personal Pan

Mom and I are meeting after work tonight for a ritual of pizza hut and shopping.  We are celebrating Mother’s day, just a little late.  We are going to our favorite chill-axin place to eat with is pizza hut.  We will order thin crust person pan cheese pizzas, get the salad bar for each of us… and two diet pepsi’s.  This is what we do.  We do not deviate very often.  I’m looking forward to it.  Just the smell of pizza hut makes me think of my mom.  Not that she smells like pepperonis or anything, because that would be weird.

We are then heading over to the mall to browse through JC Penny and then head over to Charming Charlies where we LOVE all their shiny bling and accessories.  My girlfriends were nice enough to give me a gift certificate to there on my birthday and I plan to go and find something sparkly in their honor.  My dentist this morning is engaged and has apparently become recently very acquainted with the Charming Charlies store because his fiance has been dragging him there often.  Good for her.

I’ll miss Vincent’s baseball practice tonight, which bums me out.  I love lounging in the backyard and watching Jason and him play catch at night, it would be fun to watch him running around with the other kids showing off his mad skillz.  I’m excited to watch the games.  Cheerleading is fun, especially when it’s for someone you care about!  Makes it that much more thrilling, and heart wrenching at times.

Sunday I’ll be heading to Milwaukee to see my Dad and take our annual birthday trip to Miller Park to cheer on the Brewers!  It’s going to be a good weekend…

In 6 hours when work is done and the fun begins.

Tick tock…


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