Vince and Ingrid Take Downtown

We started our Saturday (5/19) at 8:00am by heading downtown Madison.  Vincent and I were spending the day together because Jason had to spend the day working.  Vince was given the choice between hanging out with me and going to work with his Dad.  He chose me.  Or rather, he chose to NOT go to work with his dad because “work is super boring”. 

The farmers market is an event held every saturday and it happens on the large sidewalk that surround the capital building.  All around the sidewalk is vendors of cheese, veggies, flowers, and anything else local and delicious.  It is an event that is well attended and revered in this area.

I gave him a heads up about what time we would be leaving and he was ready and walking out the door with me right on time.  We parked in a ramp and starting our walk around the perimeter of the farmers market towards starbucks.  At this point Vince is eyeing me up and wondering if I have tricked him into a day of walking long, long distances.  I assure him that starbucks is only about 4 blocks away. 

There is a long line when we get there, but it goes fast.  He reluctantly enjoys his decaf Mocha Frappuccino.  He was trying to make a strong argument for caffine, but I wasn’t having it.  We were going to have enough treats today… I didn’t need a tasmanian vince whirling about with thousands of unsuspecting people milling around.

The lady behind the counter made some smart comment about Vincent having a starbucks beverage in her hand.  A note to her: if you don’t know what you are talking about… shut your hole.  I probably would have tipped you if you hadn’t insinuated that I’m a dolt that would get a child a large caffinated beverage and parade him around town.  You ma’am, are judgy wudgy.

Vincent wasn’t totally sold on the hot and spicy cheese bread.  He asked exactly how hot it was, how spicy it was, etc.  I tore off a piece and he gingerly placed it in his mouth and chewed like he was waiting for some kind of brocoli sprout to come out of the bread… then he broke into a huge grin and asked for more.  When I told him I was glad he liked it, his response was, “I don’t like it.  I LOVE IT.”  That was worth every penny of the spicy cheese bread.

Stellas Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread

After devouring a good portion of the cheese bread, we rolled up the leftovers and went inside the Capitol.  It was nice and cool in there, the bathrooms were clean and there wasn’t that many people roaming about.  It was the perfect day to take the little Monkey in there.  If there was a railing he slid on it, a stairwell he climbed it and a window he peeked out of it.  

He had a great time and I was truly content to watch him explore and marvel at the freedom we had to roam the capitol building.  It was a pretty fun experience and I’m glad I got to share it with him.  We took the stairs up until we were pretty sure we were in a section we weren’t supposed to be in.  Everytime I approved our ascent up another flight of stairs his eyes would light up and he would say, “thank you”.  

We took the elevator down, which caused some anxiety for him and I because it sounded odd in there and he was sure for a half second that we were going to get stuck in there.  Luckily he regained his composure as we exited unharmed.  We gathered up our stuff and headed back out into the sunshine and chaos that is the Saturday Farmers Market.

If this doesn’t say mischief, I don’t know what does.

Vince showing off the Liberty Bell

Posing by the Big Ol Bell

Vince Standing Tall

If you look SUPER close, you’ll see me at the bottom :)


Next Stop was the Veterans Museum and luckily they had bathrooms too as we both needed to stop again to relieve ourselves.  Vince was pretty impressed with the Museum and spent most of the time naming off all the guns in the display case.  I was appropriately impressed by the accuracy at which he went about naming the guns. 

He seemed disappointed at one point when he thought they were wax guns, but I told him they were real and once probably used to shoot someone.  Coolness factor went way back up.


More guns…

Cannon Ball – In case you were wondering, there is a sensor under these and they will come and give you a talking to if you pick one up. Just FYI.

After the Veterans Museum, we decided to go see the Hunger Games.  We had some time to kill though so we stopped by Shopko and walked around there.  We picked up some pool supplies for later as we were fully intending on un covering the pool and taking a dip to celebrate our amazing day.  We stocked up on some floaties and goggles and felt fully prepared for wherever the day led us… as long as it led us to a pool.

No pool excitement here. Nope.

We got to hunger games and had to wait 45 minutes for the movie.  We grabbed our “lunch” of popcorn, pretzel bites and soda and sat in the hall waiting.  Vince spent the time running up and down the hall, investigating nooks and crannies and finding some 3d glasses to confiscate for himself.  He waited really well for being full of soda and eagerness for a movie. 



Happy Camper


We found our seats and watched all 2 hours and 20 some minutes of the movie.  He had not read the book and spent most of the movie asking what was going on and why.  It wouldn’t have been so intense, but I think the caffiene affected his volume so what would start as a whisper would end up a normal level conversation.  I would gently remind him to be quiet which would last about 38.7 seconds. 

After having to pee for the 2nd time during the movie, he turns to me and sincerely notifies me that he is going to pee in his soda cup so he doens’t miss any of the movie.  (I can’t make that up).  I stare at him and let him know that is absolutely not an option.  He is truly upset that I don’t appreciate his ingenious idea and stomps off to go to the bathroom after making me swear that I would fill him in on everything he missed.

We enjoyed the movie… and when it was done we were off to the races to get home.  He slept most of the way home, cradeling his new Tom Sawyer and the Undead book. 

Tired him out :)

We got home and he woke up, ran inside, and ran to the pool.  We uncovered it and he stood there staring at the water.  He was a little leery about the temperature and was trying to make a case for me to jump in first. 

I really just wanted to sun bathe, but I decided to take one for the team and did a running jump into a perfect cannon ball.  He was a little swimming machine after that.  He did take the time tolet me know that he would be peeing off the deck periodically and I shouldn’t be alarmed because that is just what he does when he goes swimming.

Swimming machine

Lesson learned: Vince will take any opportunity to relieve himself and does not have any qualms about when, where or how.  THAT is one of the things I missed out on by having a sister instead of a brother.  Noted for future reference.


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