Vision Board: Home

My friend, Joni was always telling me to do Vision Boards when I would feel lost.  Of course when you are feeling lost, the last thing you are feeling is creative or whimsical enough to create something beautiful or inspirational. 

I do see how this can help though.  I am personally a very visually stimulated person.  Colors and design can change my mood or make me feel more creative.  As I was going through the Pottery Barn catalog I got in the mail, I decided to cut out things that made my eyes dialate (not really, but kinda). 

I read once that when you are looking at something or someone you really like, that your eyes dialate because you are trying to take more of them in.  It’s not a conscious reaction, but I like the sound of it.  So here is my eyes-a-dialating vision board for home decor.

Whatever happened to catch my eye; the color, texture, light, weight, dimensions, or usefullness.  If it moved me, I removed it (from the catalog).



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