Diary of a Memorial Day Weekend: Part 1 – Road Trip

Friday, May 25th

2:00pm – This is the time I was originally going to be leaving work.

2:20pm – The time I actually left after walking backwards and finishing conversations with coworkers in the politest possible way… while checking the clock anxiously.

2:30 – 3:30pm – Time spent gathering necessities for the weekend; fishing license, groceries, wine, beer and toiletries at the Walmart in Madison.  I hadn’t had a fishing license since I lived in Stoughton apparently, which is quite a while ago.  I got tired of watching the guy enter my new information into the touch screen and politely suggested that I just do it… whirled the screen around and had at it.  He looked relieved… that was obviously in the fine print of “other duties as assigned” when he took the job position in sporting goods.  He eyed me up and asked if I wanted any tags for bear or elk.  I pretended to consider it but told him I get better sun while fishing, so that will do for now. 

4:20 – 5:30pm – Time spent packing our stuff, remembering the essentials; deodorant, phone charger, swim suit.  Also time to pick up before we leave, I hate coming home from any time away to a dirty house.  It smells bad and is just depressing to walk in and have to clean or move something before you sit down and actually enjoy being home.  Finally I run through the checklist of must-haves before leaving the house:

  • boyfriend, check
  • clothing, check
  • food, check
  • phone, check
  • wine, check check check check (there ended up being 4 bottles)
  • beer, check
  • wet wipes and napkins for in the car (yes, I’ve become my mother), check

5:30pm – leave the house and head to Portage, WI where J can stop by Walmart and get his fishing license.  We wait in line while J exclaims “who knew so many people would be getting their license right now… as I roll my eyes and remind him I told him days ago to stop and get it.  It’s cool though, I know that these things are a man’s duty and there is some kind of unwritten rule handed down from Adam (the Adam of Adam and Eve) to all his men-folk that they will not ask for directions, or plan ahead.  They will just shoot the gap and hope it works.  After finally getting his license, 5 hour energy and ibuprofen (aka. his essentials) we take a moment to feel wealthy and overdressed… this is obviously one of the walmarts where the “people of walmart” website get their images.  We head over to the culvers and grab some to-g0 dinner, jump on highway 51 and head north… forever.

5:30pm – 9:00pm – “The” road trip.  This road trip includes a couple potty breaks.  I try to space them out so they aren’t obnoxious, but since I got a diet pepsi with my dinner and made it my mission to finish it in 0.7 seconds… my bladder was getting the best of me.  We stopped in Steven’s Point for one potty break and got some Burly Brown beer there made by the Point Brewery.  We also got some Dancing Man Wheat** beer that was made by New Glarus Brewery.  ** This is a new favorite of the group

We also stopped at a gas station in Merrill.  This was more of  a truck stop and included a fun little gift section.  This is the devil.  Logically you know this stuff is crap and not worth $1 of your hard-earned money, let alone $13.99.  However, just the mundane drive and pure boredom have you eyeing up a native american wolf figurine like it could be the perfect addition to your italian vineyard themed kitchen.  This happens… you’ve been there. 

When things got really boring, I started taking pictures of things.  Us, the road, him, my feet… whatever helped to make the time go by faster.  We talked about stuff that we had been putting off and just idly chit chatted.  The entire trip was 184 miles.  170 of that was Hwy 51.  That is a long way to keep on one road, but we managed. 

9:00pm – Arrival!  We arrived to the cabin on Bear Lake just outside Minocqua, or just inside of it depending on which sign you go by just as the sun fell.  Andy was out in the driveway with a flashlight giving us his best runway light show indicating where we should be parking.  Amy was hard at work in the kitchen preparing our morning meal (she is kitchen-crafty like that) and we were just so excited to be done driving!  We unpacked all of our belongings, threw the food in the fridge and our clothes on the guest bed and headed down to the fire pit where we kicked back and stared at the flames.  After some little chit chatting, star-gazing and some fish-shining (I guess that’s a real thing)… we stumbled up to bed and went to sleep, dreaming of all the exciting things that “tomorrow” would have to offer us.

Yeah, we survived the trip even with me taking pictures of us while he was driving.

Cute Cabin Signs

The Star is where our weekend home was :)


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