Good Story

My coworker sent me this email (below).  I read it.  Contemplated it. Backed it.

Being someone who will hopefully some day do something bigger and better with all my creative whatnots floating around in my head, I believe in Karma.  So, I’m throwing a little good out there… hoping for a little in return one day.

Good afternoon,

My cousin and her husband are kick-starting a “Story of the Month” Club, in which he will be writing and she will be illustrating.

He is an established graphic novel and comic book writer and has been a Creative Writing teacher at Martin High School in Arlington, TX for the past 12 years.

She is an Industrial Designer for Michaels, Inc. and designs all those fancy scrapbooking supplies!

Summer is very nearly here, so if you’re interested, relax with a short story!


If you pledge $10, you will receive a full-year subscription (10 short stories). If you pledge more, you can get a softcover or hardcover print edition. You can get original artwork, book dedications, or ad space for whatever.

No money will be collected unless he reaches his pledge goal.

More information about the author and his published works can be found here:


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