Diary of a Memorial Day Weekend: Part 3 – If 2 is Company, 4 is Great Company

Sunday, May 27th

6:30am – Good Morning Sunshine… birds, bees, lake, cabin, and coffee.  This morning is fueled by a little hodge podge of breakfast items.  J treats himself to leftover French Toast (can’t blame a guy for not getting enough of a good thing), Andy has some oatmeal and craisins (or teeny deer droppings as we tried to convince him they were) and Amy and I fueled our awesomeness with peanut butter english muffins and a big ol’ bowl of fruit.

8:30am – The boys head out all geared up for some lake fishing on the pontoon boat while Amy and I get ready for another nature hike.  Today we decide to stick around the lake, which is awesome because being able to roll out of bed and hike through nature is one of the coolest things about being in a cabin out in the woods.  I throw some kleenex’s in my pocket because (prepare yourself for a TMI moment…) I haven’t pooped since we got to the cabin. 

This is making me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like it.  I have a couple of theories on this; I’ve eaten way too much cheese over the past couple days, the toilet is kinda tall so I find myself dangling my feet while I sit there which doesn’t give me much pushing leverage, and finally I’ve heard this happens to people when they travel… so maybe I’ve become one of those constipated travelers. 

I’ve been uncomfortable enough to share this delima with my 3 fellow cabin-mates who look at me anxiously every time I leave the bathroom and when I give a thumbs down they all pat my back and assure me success on my next trek to the toilet.  Yeah, we’re tight like that.

9:00 – 10:00am – Our morning hike.  This hike is lovely and we find ourselves walking through the woods and to someone’s grandma’s house… I’m sure of it.  We run into forks in the path at which point Amy turns to me and asks, “Left, Right, Straight?”.  I just keep going straight.  We end up on a side road that she has never been on before and proceed to walk down it and chit-chat the whole while. 

Eventually my coffee gets to me and I realize I’m going to have to pee in the woods.  I make my loud announcement and then look for a place with no poison ivy.  Unfortunately this is moment I realize I have forgotten what poison ivy looks like, so I just avoid the leafy stuff and hope for the best.  This means I end up copping a squat in the middle of some thorns.  I carefully position myself and realize that I’m about to poop!  I get super excited, then have to calm down.  I can’t scare away the little guy. 

I happily finish my business and high-five myself for remembering to bring a tissue.  I giggle and say to myself, “Does an Ingrid shit in the woods?  Why yes, yes she does?”.  I pretty much come skipping out of the forest to find Amy about 20 feet up the trail singing to herself.  She is a good friend and was giving me faux privacy.  I tell her my clever shit in the woods saying and she high fives me too.  We continue on our hike both feeling very accomplished with our day already and it is only mid-morning.

10:00 – 12:00pm – Amy and I relax at the cabin, stretching, puzzling, and reading magazines while the boys finish up their morning fishing excursion.  They are out of minnows and are coming back to land to restock.  We convince them that when they get back we should run into town, grab lunch and get minnows too.  (remember sparkly sparkles that we wanted to show them yesterday? wink wink).  They agree to our fabulous plan.

12:00pm – 2:00pm – We head into town and our first stop is the fancy store with the Trollbeads.  We show Andy the ring that totally just screams, “AMY, WEAR ME, LOVE ME, TAKE ME I’M YOURS!”.  It takes a little convincing to get Andy to hear what the ring is saying.  But as Amy lovingly looks at him with her puppy dog birthday eyes, and I stand behind her punching my fist like the bully I am… he sees things our way and purchases her the most beautiful Amy ring!

I skip any ring purchases because there is none there my size and being the instant-gratification kind of person I am… the thought of having to buy something and then send it off to be sized is positively ludicrous to me.  I make sure J understands that I really would like something sparkly soon though.  Not the engagement kind of sparkly (not that I’m discouraging that… just not expecting/asking/demanding for it… yet)… just the regular kind of sparkly.

We take the new sparkly for a trip farther downtown Minocqua and end up eating lunch at a yummy BBQ place.  A&A share brisket, I have the pulled pork (nom nom nom) and J has the ribs.  We are all quiet for a while as we calmly eat (shovel) the lunch into our mouths.  It was delicious and had us all licking our fingers for more.  We all went in the bathroom there too before we left and were dismayed to see there were no paper towels and no soap.  {as we left… we say the actual customer bathrooms… we aren’t sure what bathrooms we were using… but didn’t think it was worth knowing}.

Mmmm… Ribs

“Now, eat your brisket Lady and the Tramp style”

Next we crossed the bridge, per Andy’s constant and repeated request.  This led to pretty views and pretty bridge/lake pictures.  Andy complained about the pictures and I had to punch my hand again and remind him that the bridge was his idea and all ideas up at the cabin lead to photo-ops.  That’s just the way it is.  He will remember that… or else {punch, punch}.

You will smile! {punch punch}



Next we head to a gift shop with a cabin guest book that I decided to get for Andy’s Mom to keep at the cabin.  Seeing all the notes taped to things around the cabin as useful {cabin-for-dummies} reminders on things, and also her calendar notes… led me to believe she would really dig a guest book.  This was important since we were having so much fun that we wanted to come back, so we needed to make a good impression.

We had dragged the boys around enough places and they were starting to lose steam.  We headed back to the cabin to prepare to join the boys on the lake for their afternoon of fishing.

Everyone is losing steam… let’s get to the boat!

2:00pm – 6:00pm – Pontoon…ing.  We head out on the lake and watch the boys feed the minnows {which they have named bob, billy bob, billy… billy bob again} to whatever willing fish will have them.  It took me about 15 minutes to get acclimated to the water. 

She’s a cute fisherlady

I apparently haven’t been on a boat in a very long time and it took me a little bit of time to stop having the urge to vomit on myself.  During this delicate time, Andy decides to grab the “Beavertail Worms” {yeah, that’s a real thing} and wave them in my face.  Now Amy has to punch her hand to let him know to stop it. 

Beavertails, mustache wallet, and Leinies beer… WI Fishing.

We float, anchor, drink wine and beer, have a variety of nuts and soak up some sun.  It was a large chunk of our day, but really it was the most relaxing and awesome.  There isn’t much to say about it besides that the boys caught some fish they (Amy) were going to cook up and Amy and I got some good sun.

Proud fellas.

6:00pm – Sleepy time – We spend the rest of the night grilling out, eating, finishing the last bottle of wine and setting off the fireworks that Andy had purchased for Amy’s birthday.  The food was delicious.  I don’t mind fish, but generally don’t crave it or find myself seeking out fish to eat.  It’s been so long since I have had fresh out of the water fish that I forgot how great it can taste.  The boys {catching the fish} and Amy {cooking the fish}… Thank you.  It was delicious.

Dinner fire

The first {godzilla} firework went off without a hitch.  Next was the unicorn firework.  It did not seem to want to light.  The boys were lifting coals from the campfire and dropping them on top of the firework waiting for it to light… this did not work.  After about 20 minutes we decided it was a dud and threw it in the campfire. 

Godzilla Firework

It sat in there for about 2 minutes and 20 seconds {according to the video I took of this particular incident} which is just long enough to have us convinced it in fact was not going to go off.  Then all of a sudden sparks erupt, geysers of pink and blue come shooting out of the fire propelled by the flames and coals.  We go screaming, running and giggling through the yard up to the house. 

Turns out… it wasn’t a dud.

{no photo available of Unicorn firework as I was running and screaming when it went off}

We end the night with a game of Euchre that the boys win on a go-alone hand by Jason.  We go to bed knowing that we are leaving in the morning. 

Excited to be headed home tomorrow, but sad to leave this perfectly sized and full of love cabin.


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