Hit me with your best shot…

And fire away… So I just realized that I have 6,999 hits on the site. That means I’m 1 away from 7,000.  I know that was tough math and you’re thanking me for spelling it out for you. 

This is exciting to me.  I like milestones, they somehow feel like a goal or accomplishment.  The number 7,000 really has no significance other than I’d like to have about that much money right now… but who wouldn’t.

Anyways, I never know exactly what I’m doing with my life… besides working everyday and knowing that I’d rather be crafting, writing, working out, laughing, traveling, and really some combination of all of those. 

But, since I have to work and only do this to allow some sort of creative outlet for the creative juices all flowing around in my body… thank you to the 6,999 times someone, somewhere has clicked on this blog and read it. 

The most rewarding messages I get from people are the ones where I have truly touched someone (emotionally, not physically… that’s a felony).  Sometimes I have friends going throu similar struggles in their lives and the only way we knew that and bridged the gap was because I made some crazy blog about something that is considered highly personal to some other people. 

I share who I am so those closest to me and farthest from me understand me a little bit better.  I get to share something; a smile, a laugh, anger, heartbreak, magic, lights and sparkles. 

If I blogged about everything that I wanted to… you’d get sick of me.  Luckily I don’t carry around a laptop and my thumb cramps up if I even think of trying to write a post from my phone.  So, you’re stuck with me during the free moments of my work day and the downtime during my home life.

Thanks again!  You’re wonderful.


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