DIY Friday Night: Its a snap(ple)

Supplies – Empty Snapple Jars.                                                  ~ It was actually after finishing a snapple earlier this week and having the epiphany that they would make perfect change jars that the idea for this project was born.


The 3 Change-Amigos – Here is the final product.  I like how different craft end results can be and yet you like them each so differently for their unique qualities or the thought put behind them.


The manly change jar – I made this jar for Jason because I want him to be able to enjoy the craft projects too… As much as boys enjoy craft projects that don’t involve beer and fishing lures.


Vacation change goes here.  Sun, sand and ocean.  I tried to grab a little of each of those for this little jar and not make it too busy.  Sometimes I get carried away and keep wanting to add to a project.  This one I just had to set aside and I’m so glad now. It’s perfect.


I used the big “wave” swirly design to separate the beginning and ending of the word… I stared at it for a while before deciding to do it that way.


Sparkle fund! Bling bling change goes here. I believe this should be the first reservoir to be filled.


Sparkle – I had a lot of fun with this jar and actually had started out with a whole different theme and didn’t like it and washed the glass to start all over and ended up with this.  Good call, Ingrid :)


For this project I used craft paint that you bake in the oven when you are done.  The nice part about this is that you can mess up, restart, and be artfully messy because the paint is also water based so you don’t have to worry about getting on furniture or the wonderful tile floor in the kitchen.

I used tiny little paint brushes, but it was still a challenge because I think I could go with better quality paint in the future.  It seems to streak a lot and if I go over the design with a second coat, it wants to take off the first coat.  It took a little longer than it probably should have if I had better supplies, but given my cheap-0 paint and paint brushes (both bought at Michaels craft store)… it turned out pretty well.

I put them in the cool (temperature cool, not mullet hair cool) oven, then heated the oven to 350 degrees and baked them for 30 minutes.  Then you let them cool with the oven.  I did this last night right before bed so they had all night to cool back down.

I have done this in the past with tumblers, shot glasses and wine glasses.  They always make great gifts because no matter how crappy you think they turned out, someone else sees it as a hand crafted gift and all the flaws as something unique that no one else will have.  You should make something like this and give it.  Maybe if you make a change one for a kid… you can even throw some change in there for them.  It’ll be almost as cool as going to disney world… almost.


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