Fortune Cookie Blog: A tiny robot will brush your teeth in the night.

I don’t feel like this is a fortune as much as a way to screw with people who already have some conspiracy theory issues and sleep with tin foil on their heads.  Nothing says creepy like picturing some tiny little spider robot (because that’s how I picture it… with many arms/legs/digits) crawling up your covers, over your chest and propping on your chin to brush your teeth.  He probably uses little tooth pick style contraptions to keep your lips separated and goes to town. 

I picture him carrying a toothbrush, but perhaps one of his arm/leg-type things is a tooth brush (shudder).  No, that grosses me out too much.  If that were the case, would he clean it between night time visits?  What if he is like Santa or the tooth fairy and visits multiple mouths in a night?  G-a-ross. 

I definitely think this could end with the standard fortune cooking addition of, “… in bed”.  I think I would add, “If you don’t brush them yourself” and then give it to your children.  I think the mix of their young and vivid imaginations along with the suggestion that something might crawl into their bed at night would get them to comply with any teeth brushing schedule you are trying to implement.  

Yes, if I ruled my own country… I’d rule by a healthy mix of fear and chocolate.


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